Borderlands 3 Lag Issues

Hey, i have the game on PC and i’ve tried with the lowest settings and it still lags. It usually sticks around 40 fps, but it freezes like every 15-25 seconds for a split second. I have also tried with high settings. Other titles work well on max settings, and with this PC it is obvious i should be able to run this game well. Also, i m still using Windows 7.

My specs are:
Geforce GTX 1060 6GB video card
AMD A8 7650K processor (4 cores at 3600Mhz)
16GB DDR3 Memory

Thanks for help, appreciate it.

  1. Latest drivers

  2. If you apply visual configuration changes, restart the game (for some reason it is working better that way, at least for resolution scale).

  3. wait for denuvo-less version.

I will gladly pay for the game next time as its worth it , unless I will hear “denuvo”. Being software developer myself, I never liked to waste performence on useless DRM tech.


Quite sure Denuvo is the cause of the stuttering on the pc version. No matter how long you keep a driver to allow caching, there will always be sudden cpu spikes on one of the cores at regular intervals…possibly one of the reason because “someone” thought it was a keylogger while “investigating” on it…:frowning:
Glad i bought base game only…dlc are not worth the price in this state…last Denuvo game i buy


Recommendation1: Try to install EPIC Launcher on the SSD drive
Reason: The unreal engine software running in the background runs 1000 times smoother

Recommendation2: Use “high” / “ultra” setting for texture streaming

These small changes fixed these stutters for me, because for some strange reason my epic launcher was installed on a regular HDD and once the texture streaming level was increased, all stutters were gone.

If nothing helps, upgrade to windows 10 - release 1903
Hope this helps you too.

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It has been cracked for a month and a half now, still waiting for Denuvo to be removed to buy it.


Yeah, I’m really starting to regret my purchase of the game. I have a system that’s right in the recommended hardware, yet have to play at the lowest graphics settings and I STILL get loads of lag stutters. Especially in combat. Tried every solution I could find online to no avail.
At times it’s practically unplayable.
Really lookin’ forward to a Denuvo-less version. It’s smart to wait until they release one.

I have found the PC version unplayable due to horrific lag. Cannot bring any gun to bear before I am dead. It wasn’t lke this when first installed a couple of days ago

Excuse me guys, but are we REALLY getting a denuvoless version? I think they would’ve made one by now already…