Borderlands 3: less guns than the last 3 games!

so playing the game I have found that they are LESS guns. as the last two 3 games (1,2 and pre) boasted billions of guns, this game has remarkable LESS guns. the main reason you got so many guns in the other games is that guns could spawn with almost any parts from any other company, a jakobs shotgun could spawn with a torgue quad barrel, or a dhal could spawn with a hyperion stock and sight!
In borderlands 3 I have found that gun can only spawn with parts from there manufacturer they come from with the exception of alien barrels and a few legendary guns. as a result many legendary and purple guns can only spawn in with so many variations, I have found several legendary and purple guns that have the same stats and parts. in the last games guns were like snowflakes when you would rarely find 2 that are the same as in this game many guns will just be the same (more so if they can’t spawn with a element/can only spawn as one element)

what do you guys think about this?


That’s not correct i’m afraid.

I have found and sorted though thousands of thousands of gun and then spawned a few more thousands of guns with the gun gun, I have yet to find one with mix matched parts

I think they’re still patching the game and fixing drop rates across the game. Many items have apparently not been legitimately picked up yet either. However, with this being said I have found multiple legendary guns, shields and grenades that were 100% the same. It almost feels like sequenced loot mode (cooperation) might also be a problem when it comes to proper fun variations. I never once saw a Vladof Creech with 2 barrels during my first play through as Flak.


no this is definitely as intended for a few reasons, why would torgue make a gun with with hyperion parts? this also stops the guns for getting too crazy.

Tell me about it bro. False advertisement for this game the only thing they got right was the tiny bank vault haha. They need adjust the size and hopefully we might catch more guns with more parts. Back in the good old days it was always fun getting a new gun of any kind as u just never knew what you had in your killing hands. But now I just pick up read the stats and I know what it’s Gona be like unles Ive never pcikd up this type of gun befor. Massive shame as you kinda get board of some guns and they can be everywhere. Alien barrels could do with some more spice to them too and more ledgendery with an alian barrel be nice too.

Why not, in the real world gun manufacturers will use parts from other manufacturers, so why not in borderlands.

This is an interesting point. I do however think that they counted different anointments on ANY POSSIBLE GUN as a different gun, that boosts the numbers ridiculously seeing how many anointments there are. But I did notice a remarkably high frequency of really similar guns dropping all of the time. So maybe its a bug, or maybe they just classified a “different gun” in a different way.

There are more parts for each manufacturer now, i will try to find the article i read on the subject, in fact there are more possible combinations in this game


Only in theory, but in game it looks like very limited list of parts.

after you count them all [in both games] come back here and give us a follow up!


This is not correct. Trust me I’m a parts junkaaay. There is still a tremendously random variety of mixed parts on all weapons.

I have noticed that weapons often tend to spawn with matching site but not always(this could be simple confirmation bais on my end as well). But I still find Maliwan pistols with Dahl grips or Vladof snipers with Jakobs sites, etc, etc…

However, I think that some weapons DO have a “kinda” fixed appearance but the various individual manufacturer parts show up different than what we are used to and it’s based on that weapons style. So it is slightly different than what us “parts nerds” are used to.

Let’s use a Hyperian SMG as an example(because they are so obvious in style). You could take a pure 100% Hyperian SMG and next too it have the same Hyperian SMG but with a Maliwan body. The second SMG isn’t going to have the familiar Maliwan curve that we are used to, but it will be slightly different in appearance. I can spot these subtleties because I’m not only familiar with identifying parts visually but I also recognize what they change mechanically.

All this really ends up changing is making the focus more on looking at the function as opposed to the form. So ideally it makes it easier for newer players as they no longer need to feel like they are required to memorize a parts chart to identify variations in guns as they now can simply see what that part does(when you click over the parts menu).

Hope that makes sense as I almost just confused myself.

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what are you on about? There were only 2 guns in BL2.

DP Unkempt Harold & Grog Nozzle.


My Pimpernel/Norfleet Sal wants to have a word with you. Lol


Ahem, my starting pistol also wants a word. Its just the starting pistol, I got it from some dude called Zer0. he says he wants it back for a little something called “B0re”?