Borderlands 3 - "Looking for a Fight"

Meet Amara, a powerful brawler, renowned champion of the people, and bonafide Siren badass. #LetsMakeSomeMayhem

More about Amara:


Amara best character of BL3.

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The moment I laid eyes on this gal, two things came to mind. A beauty and badass, though I’ll admit, vigilante heroine wasn’t something I had considered. I thought she was a real rebel gal, then her bio came out, and I was both surprised and stoked at her description. I figured then, she was a real compassionate soul with a few rough edges. I see this trailer, she’s a wonderful person. Definitely one I’d ask for an autograph from…and one I’d timidly ask to the movies.

Won’t lie, my first in this game will be Zane, but afterwards, this lovely lady is next. Seeing her in action, I’m kind of smitten. She’s someone in the Borderlands that wants to do legitimate good for others. Definitely a lawful good character, the only other character I could think of like that in this series would be Roland. Just gotta say it, I admire Amara’s character, this is a woman deserving of a bouquet of roses. Seriously, she is well done.


Don’t get me wrong I really dig her character and a proud glory hound is a good personality to be if you’re good at it.

I however have some nitpicks about the german voice and translation. First off: Is there really no voice actress that can make an indian accent with a rough voice? Because in the german version, Amara doesn’t have an accent. I like her voice though, so that’s more of a nickpick than an actual issue.

The translation though has one mess-up: In the scene where Amara says “but if I’m lucky, the fight finds me” the german version says something to the effect of “If I’m lucky, I can fight” even though a literal translation would’ve been possible and really good to get in sync. “Doch wenn ich Glück hab, findet der Kampf mich” would have done the job.
What bothers me about it is that most of the religions, including Hinduism, accept fate and it’s outcome and cherish the good outcomes. It’s basically like “your fate will find you”.

Last nitpick then I’m done ranting about a trailer I honestly really like: The lip sync isn’t as good as in the other trailers. The “O come on!” Scene is especially bad, as Amara seems to speak more syllables than there need to be. And the german version misses that mark even harder with the exact same amount of damn syllables: The “Ach komm schon!” is hilariously out of sync.

But as a character introduction the trailer is pretty much perfect. All 3 of them were so far.

I do hope that her Brawl tree gives her the “survivability” of a Brick or Krieg, so she can live up to this video :slightly_smiling_face: Zer0 and Athena never quite did it for me as melee characters because of that lack of raw “tankiness” (“That’s a word, now” - Scooter, BL2 :grinning: )

Most of the times “melee character” doesn’t mean that it’s a tank tho.

Look at the monk in FFXIV, it’s a DPS and has no skills that makes it a tank

Zer0’s not exactly a tank either!

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Absolutely agreed. I’ve seen videos from fantastic melee Zer0 players. Unfortunately, I’m not that good :grinning: I need a good level of health regen or defensive bonuses to make melee work for me.

What weapons is she going to use. All the weapons on the Takedown DLC are junk.

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