Borderlands 3 Looking for Teammates ! Ger/Eng


I love this game ! thats the reason why I am looking for a team, where everyone has a different character (champion/hero). I think thats the best experience you can get, playing with calm people who enjoy the game as much as you do.

I am from Germany, I am able to speak english good enough for gaming I would say.

It would be nice to start as soon as the game is released, togehter, enjoy the story, smart fights, tactic and taking a break together.

Who wants to join me on our journey through borderlands 3 ?

What platform would this be? Just so that I can get you to the correct online and play section when it is up and link you the correct player bulletin thread.

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oh, thank you for that!


May be worth adding your details here too.

I’ll get this moved as soon as the section goes up. Hope you enjoy.

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I would also like to know how old you are (should be 18+) cause i don’t like squeakers also what Type of gameplay are you looking for?
Me and a buddy are planing on playing at release, we are both german. Also we are planing on going through the Story with maybe some Messing around while going to the Mission. Also i might stream so you should be ok with that (I am a very small strammer, i don’t espect people to watch🤣)

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Well… Game is 17+… Or in other words, Rated “M” for Mature.

Rated 18 in Europe.

Yeah but still, GTA V also got in the hands of kiddies ^^

Yup 18+ in Europe and 17+ in US

so for me i will start at release time for at least 24 - 30 h straight.
if you can stick with me, you´re welcome :slight_smile:
i will do every mission available, at first sidequest than Main quests.
and im German

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I am 27, from berlin, I will also stream, I am an official 1 viewer streamer by the way (sad face)

I will prepare myself with food, drinks and snacks. ready to rock and roll.

send me pm discord name

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send me a pm discord name