Borderlands 3 Lore expansion

I’ve been thinking about going to new worlds in BL3, and I think Gearbox has a Lore challenge ahead for them.
Pandora has been all we know, and Pandora is a company planet, haphazardly ruled by whatever company is exploiting it currently. No known civilian government.

As we branch out to other planets hostile deserts, battle your way across war-torn cityscapes, navigate deadly bayous, and more! we suddenly have a need to know how the Borderlands Universe is organized.
Are all these worlds the same as Pandora? Company run with minimal governance?
Or do some have actual governments, and actual legal systems, which might have a big influence on how a Vault Hunter might be able to act on them. Look at the Elder Scrolls for good examples of governance and consequences of player action.
And is there an overarching galactic (or allegiance, federation, whatever) council that oversees the worlds, and potentially travel and interaction between them?

Obviously Borderlands is not a 1,000 page science fiction novel that can explore all the nuances of this.

But leaving Pandora does put an obligation (which I’m sure they understand) on the writers to create a framework for operations between the world, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they do on the Lore.
I’m very comfortable with this not necessarily all being in-game, since that would be a lot of exposition while I’m trying to shoot things. Additional informational pages on the web site or wherever would be fine.
For getting fully immersed in the multi-world game I do need some context to understand my Vault Hunting place in the universe.

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It’s already been made somewhat apparent as to how this is, mainly in Axton’s backstory.

There are real governments in the world, although the gun manufacturing corporations are a big part of things, and usually have their own accompanying roles (Dahl is a PMC of some sort, from what it sounds like.) And when Axton is being told to leave or be executed, his wife says to flee to a “Border” planet. Hence the name Borderlands. Pandora is a lawless planet, far out from societies, which is why it is the way it is. Small local law rises in the form of Sheriffs, like the westward expansion of the U.S., but not much more than that.

However, I think it’s safe to say that other planets might not be so similar. They’re a good chance that they might actually have some proper governing roles, rather than another stupid “Meriff” who is on the payroll of Hyperion. That Maliwan-esque planet comes to mind- With buildings that big, surely there was some sort of organization happening? Like Opportunity, but on a larger scale.

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Other planets have been consistently mentioned. The General Knoxx DLC sets up Promethea as being worse than Pandora, and planets like the Edens, Athenas and Aquator have been touched upon.

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its named borderlands for a reason man, its a wasteland universe in conflict between everyone and everything. everyone’s either looking for power, riches or other things, with a little compliment of huge murderous animals and a whole bunch of guns.