Borderlands 3 Mac support?

Will Borderlands 3 get Mac support from launch?

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Pre-Orders say for PS4, XB1, and PC so i’m inclined to say no on Mac because items released on Mac will normally say Mac on the platform list.

Based on previous history with most titles in general Mac usually gets a port much later after the initial launch of a title ranging anywhere from a few months to a few years. Or you can install windows on your mac hardware and run it from there.

I too would like to know if it will have a Mac version. I would also prefer someone that actually “knows” the answer to reply on this. Appreciate your insight Ukyo… but that’s insight we already figured out ourselves. This answer isn’t something the player base can answer unless they have insider information.

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I tried to run some Borderlands 2 on my Mac yesterday, settings where on the lowest of lowest and it still ran like ■■■■.

Best bet is to invest $130 into Google’s Stadia and just let Google do all the serverside rendering. No expensive Mac hardware needed.

I don’t experience that. I regularly play BL2 on Steam on this (right here) 7 year old laptop and it works like a champ.
I play on XBO and PS4 at home, so I’d certainly notice a difference. Steam tells me I’ve logged 1,088 hours in BL2 on this machine, and it’s fine with me.
Sometimes the fans will spin up to cool the thing off a bit, but doesn’t affect gameplay.
What machine are you using?


Did this ever get a definitive answer? I’ve been searching for a while now and haven’t been able to find anyone who knew for sure.

I haven’t seen anything official at all, only speculation.

Bring the game out on Mac I had an amazing time playing borderlands 2 on Mac but o don’t have the money to buy a whole new PC just to be able to play borderlands 3 I want to be able to buy the game on Mac and play it on Mac please bring it out on mac

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It’s out now. But those requirements are hefty…
Unless you have a 2017+ high end iMac (27" with Radeon Pro 580) or an iMac Pro, you’re out of luck it seems.
Although it might be they’re just playing it safe with those requirements, given the performance issues even the Windows version still seems to have. I guess we’ll see once performance reviews are out, so keep an eye on

So I am on PC and I often play Borderlands with my friend who is on Mac and would be disappointed to find out that it(BL3) wont be releasing on mac because we wouldn’t be able to play together, also I know I’ll be almost the only one who cares if its on mac but stillllll.
Thanks for any replies. :smiley:


Yes, you should be able to play with Mac players.
Only Linux is not supported on the EGS.

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oh nice, thanks!
I was just wondering because it doesn’t show anything for mac support on the Epic store on the borderlands website or on steam(obviously)it just says pc

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I didn’t see anything about a MAC release in the press release. only Windows PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

yeah that was what was getting me worried

maybe it will release with the steam version?:man_shrugging:


I sure do hope we get a macOS version once it’s out on steam, at least.
Would be quite a bummer if BL3 didn’t make it to Mac after every single BL game so far has…

Gearbox don’t release their games on Mac themselves, they have Aspyr do it. Chances are that will continue with the third game. Unfortunately it takes them a long time to get anything done though, so it might not be for a while. Updates are often very late so you and your friend might not be able to play together for long periods of time. If it is released the same way the other games have been, then a Steam version is definite.

P.S. due to how long it takes them to do anything and with the extreme lack of communication they give, I will be getting the PS4 version of the game myself.

So it’s out now for macOS as well. But it seems like neither Feral nor Aspyr did it this time, maybe an in-house port by Gearbox.
I’ll be waiting for performance reviews though, the requirements seem rather extreme (way above those on the Windows side).

I just posted my impressions on a separate topic so others can chime in. Bottom line: I’m on a MacBook Pro (2019) and it’s very playable after you tweak the UI settings.


That’s great to hear, and a pleasant surprise. Thanks for sharing your impressions!