Borderlands 3 Maliwan First Reactions, Charging and Dual Element, Not Great

While playing I used a few maliwan guns and I wasn’t impressed, the charge mechanic seemed to really slow down combat, almost seemed like extra reloads.

Made it harder to ADS because you were charging, not shooting,

Sometimes you would miss the opportunity to shoot the enemy because while you charge, they took cover.

Over all I didn’t love the experience of Maliwan Guns

However, I could of had ones with bad parts, I only had a small time to play the game so I could of been missing something as well.


I will make sure to watch that thanks! Just can’t wait to play Amara since im a console player She actually sounds kinda op with the elemental and melee skills in her tree. I think they will be adding more levels due to the HP you have in the gameplay. Probably even more than 72 and op8 who know’s. Yea i can see Amara excelling with maliwan . Amara will definetely be good with elemental i remember when maya got that godly elemental skills and destroyed everyone . I can see Amara Having so much potential . Im doing a zero playthrough later today. After amara i will play the Operative Zane. Then the gunner And Last Flak Is flak the claptrap of BL3?

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Yea, I feel Amara is the only one (thus far) who could genuinely benefit from Maliwan guns due to her skill which allows her less charge time. While I could see them either lowering the charge time for Maliwans in general (or possibly nixing the charge altogether) I’m not going to hold my breath until I get official confirmation or get my hands on the released game itself.

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The charge mechanic is only while ADS, right? Hip-firing works as always?

you have to charge to shoot always

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That is not the topic here, stay on topic please.

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That’s disappointing


Thats really sucks. Maliwan: best design with the worst mechanic :confused:


Sadly too they were so amazing back in BL2 and it all died in BL3 With the charge effect watch there be a god laser thats Maliwan.

Seems like all the bad things about a charge-up gun, with none of the good things

  • Do we get extra versatility, with spamming uncharged shots, charging up where the situation warrants it? No. You always have to wait for the delay.
  • Do we get a big, devastating attack in exchange for waiting? Doesn’t seem like it, seems to be in the same ballpark as any other sniper/shotgun/pistol. We get increased (guaranteed?) elemental effect chance, which doesn’t seem worth the forced delay (except perhaps for cryo guns).
  • Do we get a satisfying, beefy shot? Well, the effects are good, but the “press button - thing happens” feedback which I would have thought is the foundation of action gameplay is pretty much killed with this delay. It seems it’s not even possible to “hold” the charge, and fire when releasing the trigger, which is at least half a solution for giving the player some control. When the button is pressed, nothing really happens, and I’m not involved in the moment the gun actually fires, either.

I hope there’ll at least be uniques that help the issue, and having 2 elements in one gun is a boon, admittedly.


I did notice some parts on Maliwan guns reduced charge time, so its possible with a lot of accessories to reduce charge time they could be much improved.


I’m here already imagining that Amara’s Deep Well will work beautifully with a MaliSMG.

Do, maybe, purples, charge better? I’m honestly not too annoyed with this development, as someone who chose Magic in Skyrim. I’m also excited that every character seems to have small affinities for weapons manufacturers, leading to different characters really shining with different gear in very big ways

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Its hard to tell my slowest charging gun was the storm, which was legendary.

Its most likely very parts based.


Omg. So. Wait. There’s a Storm in your playtime? I started yours but haven’t gotten the Chance to watch it all. But now I’m super excited. :slight_smile:

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shotguns tho

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Look to the bright side Amara players will be gods.

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Elemental skill tree also less laser charge time skills

Which skill can decrease charge time? I don’t see any.

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I think that Maliwan was redesigned to be most efficient in close-combat-scenarios. So, yeah, Maliwan might be a hard pass for some people now.
Maybe Gearbox could change it so that charging up was optional, but gives you extra damage + guaranteed elemental effect. SMG’s could be must-charge but with quicker charge time.

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