Borderlands 3 Maliwan sound bug

Takedown at Maliwan sound issue:

Always happens around the time when you fight the Valkyrie. First the music and then the Fx sounds begin to sound like they are out of tune, then everything becomes muffled and broken up. Always happens during intense action at Maliwan Takedown solo. Any thoughts or fixes ? Thanks.

What platform is this on - PC, XB1, PS5…?

Xbox One S.

Reinstalling game fixes it for a short while. But it’s very odd. Like the console can’t process all the things going on in the game.

Not sure there’s a whole lot you can do to work around that. I’ve not personally had that issue on XB1, but I also don’t play with multiple elemental effect mayhem modifiers on. If you’re currently using some of those, maybe try changing them around or going MH11? I’d also suggest clearing the cache by doing a power reset - it’s possible there’s some stale data lying around clogging up the disk space used by the game when it’s running.

I have tried a hard reset. Doesn’t fix the issue. Only reinstall fixes the issue for a short while, and that’s annoying to do each time as you can imagine.

The Mayhem setting shouldn’t have anything to do with it right? I’m playing on Mayhem lvl 1 at the moment. I can try turning off Mayhem lvl, but will reduce my chances of getting the Tiger Boom from Wotan?

Will clearing the cache from my xbox for BL3 result in any loss of saved items or progress etc? I’m not even sure how to clear my cache using Xbox one. What are the best steps?

Thanks so much for your time and help.

Doubtful at MH1 since you only have one bonus effect going off unless you are using a modifier that chains between targets. If it was MH4 with multiple elemental/chain effects, that would tend to bog the system down with large mobs and might trigger a loss of sound FX.

No. There’s actually two parts to this which may be helpful.

  1. BL3 → Manage Game: look at the storage partitions. There will be one containing the save files, and another called something like temp game data. You can delete this second one without losing anything. (Obviously don’t delete the save game partition!) I would suggest doing this before doing:

  2. A power reset should clear the system cache: shut the console down, unplug the power brick, press the start button several times to drain residual power in the system, plug the brick back in, and power up. (On consoles without an external power brick, just unplug the power cable).

Thanks for the helpful info.

One more question:

Will option #2 reset the dashboard and Xbox settings? Like, I’ll have to re-enter my wifi password, for example etc etc ?


I’m not able to find the individual storage partitions as you describe going in through the Game on Xbox One S. Are you sure this is possible?

Is it by chance called “Reserved Space” on the save data?

I believe that’s the one, yes - looks like it got renamed at some point by MS?

Didn’t work but…

I finally did the hard reset in whatever goofy manner this thing wanted (my Xbox-1s) and it fixed the problem. Performance issue related due to cache issue. But honestly I had performed this fix before and it didn’t fix. This time something must have clicked… idk.