Borderlands 3 Massive video Glitch

Hi everyone, I’m experiencing this weird glitch when I launch the game. I last played a month ago and it ran fine, but now I consistently get this. The opening videos play fine, but once the game logo and music starts this is what happens. It also persists when I hit ctrl alt delete, as the game usually won’t close like this. It gets hung with the Claptrap loading screen suddenly appearing, and it just sits. I can only close it at that point by either signing out or rebooting.

I tried verifying the game as well as uninstalling/reinstalling, no change. I also cant seem to get the Epic Games Support page to work properly, when I tried to open a ticket and hit submit it just hangs with the submitting graphic playing. Anyone have any ideas to fix this issue? The game is absolutely unplayable this way, I can’t even read the menu.

Open up the config file in a text editor and check that your graphics settings are what they should be. If you haven’t played in several months it’s possible one of the updates caused something to be changed. (One example was the game switching from DX11 to DX12 as the default, and I know that affected a couple of posters.)

Appreciate the quick feedback! I just checked the config file and found this part here: PreferredGraphicsAPI=DX11, so it seems to be fine. My last cloud save was from July 27th, so it hasn’t been that long, I’m not even sure if a patch was released during that time or not. From what I can tell all of my video settings look correct.

I would submit a ticket with 2K.

In the mean time I would try updating your graphic drivers and make sure windows is up to date. You might also clear the epic launcher cache and try verifying the game files again.

Hi, appreciate the suggestions everyone! I narrowed the issue down to HDR. I disabled it in the user settings file and the game works properly. I’m also able to turn it back on once the game is loaded and it seems to work fine, but once I restart the game it glitches once again. Not necessarily game breaking I guess since I can play without HDR, but definitely still annoying (I’m not going to switch it on and off every time I start playing). Any ideas or suggestion, or anyone else experience issues with HDR in BL3?

I tested another game to be sure, and Horizon Zero Dawn, Destiny, and a few others work fine with HDR, so the issue isn’t my monitor or computer, it seems to be isolated to BL3.