Borderlands 3 matchmaking needs to be improved. Please like if you agree

Since the launch of this game I feel a huge issue that is holding it back is the matchmaking design. With the release of guardian takedown this has only shown to be more apparent than ever. Frustratingly long wait times for a game lobby you have absolutely no control over and it honestly feels as though the majority of the player base doesn’t even utilise it. I have my game on public at all times and it is ridiculously rare I get someone joining especially on mayhem 10. With the release of guardian takedown the matchmaking system has proved to be a huge letdown to the raiding experience. The majority of the player base has been unable to attempt this raid due to not having the required gear to complete it solo. People all over are struggling to find full lobbies for these raids and what baffles me is the decision to implement only one matchmaker for both the takedowns, meaning it is a 50/50 chance you get the one you want making a full lobby even more unlikely.
While the matchmaking in Borderlands 3 is more streamlined it is ultimately too simple for the complexity of this game. Borderlands 2 absolutely nailed this aspect giving you access to multiple lobbies with essential information such as the quest that was being completed, the level of the host, connection quality, player count and even what character the host was using. This made public lobbies way more appealing to the casual player and overall created a great experience allowing players to choose the lobbies they wanted. If the matchmaking in Borderlands 3 was somehow re hauled into something similar to Borderlands 2 this would be one of the best quality of life improvements for this game period. Give a thumbs up if you agree. I definitely wanna see how the playerbase feels about this so get commenting. Much love <3


Well matchmaking needs to improved for sure!

Especially since every lobby you find now is full of modded gear!