Borderlands 3 Mayhem 2.0 Explained

TBH Enemy Health, Shield & Armor should have capped at something like Mayhem 5
This is OP Levels ■■■■■■■■ all over again needing to refarm gear. Modifiers are hard enough.

Modifiers are just there to keep things interesting but to REQUIRE u to have gear vs. +125000% stats just to get certain gear… thats tedious and freakin unfair.

You can’t play a normal game anymore because max level Mayhem 10 is all sorts of craziness and overpowered stuff. You can’t play non-Mayhem or lower level Mayhem modes if you have Mayhem 10 gear cuz then ur OP against everything now. They restrict ur gameplay to certain modes(levels) only

These OP/Mayhem Levels ruined the balance all over again.

P.S. Melee doesn’t scale to Mayhem levels

Just in case no one noticed, there are SDU upgrades available.

that were clearly mentioned in the patch notes that I read over an hour AFTER posting this…

Not at all… In fact, I’m in M10 100% of the time now. Once you level up your weapons, what ends up happening is you take longer to kill things in M10 than the old M4. You can expect to jump from old M4 to M10 and not have a bullet sponge buffet waiting for you. And trust me, it’s actually nice and challenging once you have the gear to make M10 doable.

Been doing strictly MH10 all night and got some pretty good drops. Will be back tomorrow for more

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Honnestly, while I understand that some people will defend mostly anything, I really don’t see the point of making M10 this bullet spongy.

On a perma frozen badass enemy you can spend 1-2minutes shooting at it until it goes down.

I’d prefer modifier that’d force me to be extra careful (and the current one aren’t bad) that this boring feeling that only a few weapon can handle it (Lob, Anarchy …) and still require to empty mag after mag on the same enemy.

I mean, have you TRIED to run the Anvil by example?


… this should probably be done like the skull system in Halo where you just pick and choose which ones to activate, with each one having a different reward multiplier based on how difficult it is to play against.

Hi, sorry if this is frowned upon, but I’m bumping my statement. There are some interesting modifiers in here that I’m sure would be a blast to play against, but I’m having trouble evaluating them as the various combinations of them are locked behind a one-hundred-and-twenty-five-fold enemy health/shield/armor difficulty wall.

All these modifiers- the Easy/Medium/Hard/VeryHard along with the BulletSponge 12,500% HP increase need to be decoupled from each other. Put them all in a big list, same as our audio/video/control options, with a simple on/off switch for every single one. Then add a sliding scale for HP increase. Make that unbounded if you want, just go from normal 100% on one end to Infinity for those hardcore people out there who one-shot Wotan already. Let them compete against each other to see who can have a playable session with the most obscene numbers in it.

As the user turns the modifiers on and adjusts the relative enemy health rating, use the combination of all of it to determine what level the rewards will be at. XP, loot, whatever.

Seriously, that’s the right way to do something like this.

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I’m uncertain if the solutions you present would be workable or not, as I’m not a game developer. But unlike the people coming in and telling people to “shut up” over voiced concerns with how Mayhem 2.0 has been implemented, I really think Gearbox is going to have to redress some of these issues effectively. Some of the complaints I think are just going to “blow over” as people adapt to the changes. But some of these issues are going to remain pervasive until there is a solution presented that works (or Gearbox stops trying).

Yes… And it’s everything I wanted in Mayhem 2.0. Here’s a quick video of my vary first run through the bottom portion of the Anvil in M10. Yeah, I died once, but I’m still working through the nuances of the new system.

It is wonderful to see the people who are seeming to adapt so well to the new changes! And admittedly a “little frustrating” in some aspects, mostly that some of us are not, yet at least.

I’ve mentioned in some posts that Mayhem 2.0 might not be a catastrophe. (I also said from the way it was described it might have been.) I think mostly, it is not. But I also see some people making some very specific and good examples of problems it seems to be introducing. Hopefully, Gearbox can take some of those things into account soon and create a solution that everyone finds amenable.

Wonderful video! :slight_smile:

Dude - it is killing me when you don’t aim down the sights sometimes. :laughing:

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Lol…only time I really do that is with the sniper rifle …

Discovered a similar problem last night with an M7 Krakatoa I got.
The erupting volcano downed me more then the enemies it seemed LoL

Okay, I tried it and now I can confirm that I do not like Mayhem 2.0. I do not like it for the same reasons I suspected I would not like it. I just don’t find that stuff fun and I don’t like the gamble of re-rolling and hoping to get everything more favorable than what I’ve already rolled. But, more than anything, I still hate it that they locked even more gear behind a difficulty level and Mayhem system I really don’t want to use.

I also don’t like the more powerful equipment dropping in higher MH levels with no indicator of what level it dropped on. Would it have been that hard to add a OP leveling system? Then, to make matters worse, some things don’t even scale with MH levels.

Ultimately, this game feels like it is still in Beta. It is an unfinished product that keeps changing too often. Some of those changes are good, but many of them are just bad. The really sad part is what hasn’t changed in the 7+ months since it was released! Split screen, small fonts, console crashes, lag and freeze issues, and items/skills that do not function properly (if at all) to name a few. Gone are the days when a video game had to be finished and be good when it was released or the cartridges just ended up getting buried in the landfill (Sorry E.T.).

I have to disagree. I pre-ordered BL2 and played for hundreds if not thousands of hours. We started on the Xbox 360 and finished it. Then we moved to the Xbox One when the Handsome Collection was released and played all over again. We played split screen coop and it was fun! I didn’t have to lean forward or strain my eyes to compare items either. That one Claptrap DLC was a bit wonky at first, but I submitted a ticket to 2K and it was fixed in a reasonable amount of time. When the Commander Lilith DLC was released we hopped right back into the game and had a blast playing that content too. The OP levels kind of put us off because the Raid was not something I had the skills for, but to be honest those OP levels were not required to have fun in the game either. I don’t think there was anything locked behind a difficulty, except maybe a special gun if you beat the final boss on OP8.

We have had some fun playing Borderlands 3 and I will admit that. We’ve also had lots of frustration. You know, like I started a build and then it got Nerfed. So I started farming for some different gear, and then the gear got Nerfed. So then I finally got everything about right and the level cap got increased. Then I started farming again and again the level cap was increased. This time I didn’t re-farm because I had a feeling… Now you have to re-farm a lot of your equipment every couple of MH levels…

Also, you have a somewhat rare chance for that item you want to actually drop. That kind of makes it fun because you get very excited when it finally drops. However, they added the anointments, which is another item that has to roll in your favor and makes RNG just that much more complicated. Now with MH 2.0 they added even more anointments to the loot pool, which further decreases your chance of getting the drop you wanted. And, a lot of time gear still drops without an anointment no matter what MH level you are playing on.

I appreciate all of the effort and hard work the Gearbox team has put into this game. It is unfortunate there are so many opinions about what is good and what is bad, which leaves them with a situation where they just won’t be able to please everyone. Maybe things would have been better if they actually finished the game before they released it! Some people start screaming for the Nerf hammer the instant “they think” something is too powerful in game while others are happy to see the OP items because we don’t play that well to start with. The Nerf hammer might not be that big of a deal if nothing in the game was locked behind a difficulty that not everyone can play on successfully. That’s why I kept playing Borderlands 2… I never felt excluded like I do now!

Y’all have fun with it if you can. I’m about done with it so I think I will wait until it is finished to come back and see if paying in advance for all the DLCs was worth it. At least Moxxi’s was a blast!


I’m sad that only only shoguns and heavy weapons seem to work on M10 and what I really mean is the anarchy, recursion and lob.

I don’t mind the modifiers they’re fun but damn not even a soul render with 200 ASA tickles enemies that are badass or above.

Thanks! I’m going to assume that some of the problems, other than one’s that weren’t intended by the devs, are working as they should… I mean, M10 is suppose to be difficult. And, my god, is it ever! I’m having fun and haven’t found too many issues, yet. Well, other than I die, a lot, on M10. Wanna watch some insanity? Check out my second round on the Slaughtershaft in M10:

My OPQ and Hyperfocus would like to have a word with you…

I don’t even use my lob much except on certain anointed mobs, otherwise my OPQ is used for 70% of the mobs and my hyperfocus on the rest.

I haven’t touched heavies other than to try out a scourge w/ 200% AS I found and tried like 3 times before banking.

Hey Noelle, are gun damage only scaling with Mayhem?
Cant read through this text wall but dont scalling Shields, grenades and artifact status wont allow a lot of things to scale properly.

Lets take IB as an example, as I play Moze. Without Área of Effect and Splash scalling, IB damage will suffer the same way its survivability without Max Health scaling.

What is behind it at all? OP levels scaled all gear available, so why only scale gun damage and make the game less enjoyable with boring modifiers and enemies bullet spongey as hell? Like, seriously?

As Moze, kill skills such as DiB and Phalanx Doctrine are much harder to maintain. Survivability was the issue until now and first a COM as made before the skills fix. Are we going to get a COM like Zane to give us kill skills?

Please, fix few things so we can enjoy the game again. Giving us a new OP set of guns that scale with/were made to M10 isnt a fix.

So, in short: Scale Gear.


You don’t need your gear to scale. The difference between OP levels and Mayhem is that in Mayhem the enemies damage to you does not scale with their increase in health, shields, and/or armor. Just watch my short video above and you can see that it is pretty doable even with the Cartel event active.

So, I’d have to disagree with your assessment on that part.

We need scaled gear other than shields. Passives stop scaling if the artifacts and COMs stop scaling, which means literally none of your gear matters except for the guns. Also, without passives there is no way to scale up IB, pets, melee, or any of the other things not currently scaling under this system.


Just an opinion, Gearbox has traditionally provided little if any clarification on many things. It may be wiser to err on the side of what’s being reported as problematic and treat it as an issue until we can establish sufficient good information to know that it’s not. Just because you aren’t experiencing a problem doesn’t invalidate someone else that might be.

I know this angers the “everything is just fine” crowd to no end, but as someone who’s personally reported problems only to be “yelled down” on the forums that there’s no problem, it is past frustrating. Especially after providing video, screenshots and other resources that clearly demonstrate a repeatable and pervasive issue. And for those reporting problems, it is important to do your part to help provide good, actionable information. Without that, it can be difficult for Gearbox to take effective action.

The best thing to do in this sort of situation if you can is to help test if you are able. Please know that most who report problems or concerns with the game are not attacking you personally. They too honestly love the game and are seeking help. Saying “there is no problem” without appropriate research and testing doesn’t help resolve perceived or provable issues. Conversely, saying there are problems without providing substantiation doesn’t help Gearbox resolve the issue you are experiencing.

Be kind to each other, few of us are here because we dislike the game. :slight_smile:
(Trying to state some things clearly and remind each of us what we all probably already know. Just, sometimes we forget. I’ve been seeing a lot of frustration on the boards the last few days.)