Borderlands 3 Mayhem 2.0 Explained

We don’t KNOW yet.

You are assuming that with zero idea how it really works.

Floor is lava might be a super rare modifier or might be supper common…we need to wait until Thursday to see

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Bottom line :

They want to market this game to the Fortnite crowds : i.e teens and maybe even tweens . They see the meme success of Fortnite and want to shoe horn that into BL3.

Meanwhile, the 30+ crowd like me just have to deal with it.


I agree 100% and I have said many times I wish Gearbox was more transparent instead of hiding so much. They need to be more open with this info.

My point is IB might scale with every M lvl along with pets. Pets might be more powerful at higher M lvls. Probably not, but we don’t know.

Everyone here is just throwing out misinformation because they don’t like the idea of something without actually waiting to see how it works.


why should there be different rarities?
that would make it even harder to get your personal enjoayble gameplay

the fact we got right now are: 25 modifiers, 4 levels
so there wont be too many for each level

Just like we have to deal with the poop jokes and puerile teen humour?


So I missed that part, fine. You will still be resetting. The higher the mayhem level, the more resetting. It’s like they didn’t learn a damn thing.

I agree with this. I’ve been saying for a while that I’d love for modifiers to be selectable like Halo skulls. Rewards would be based on how hard you choose to make the game. I wouldn’t mind an “Enable X random modifiers” as an option though, since randomness is still fun sometimes.

I think the Mayhem levels themselves should just be tied to the damage/health scaling stuff.


I really don’t know why they couldn’t give us both. OP levels for those of us who just want a challenge and batshit crazy memes to keep the tweens amused.

P.S. can I have a “Floss” emote plz


How will chest work with new mayhem level? Cause this is a gaping opening to skip level fast

Yeah I asked that at the beginning and got no response.

Something I just thought of with the Golden Chest…

Sanctuary map does not show if it is active with Mayhem levels like the other maps do. The other maps show the modifiers and the mayhem level, but sanctuary doesn’t show that information.

I wonder if sanctuary is considered a neutral map with no levels hence possibly no lvl modifiers for the golden chest?

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So you’ve played in Mayhem 2.0 already?

Here’s the thing… We knew about Floor is Lava for a long time, since the announcement of Mayhem 2.0. All that information lead to speculation. Speculation, by definition, is forming a theory without firm evidence. The only info we have has just been released. But we don’t have any game play footage or first hand experience with the actual modifiers. So, all we are doing at the moment, is speculating on how it will actually work, without, you know, actually playing Mayhem 2.0.


That’s because a lot of us don’t want crazy Mayhem modifiers we’d much rather have the old OP system.


Go back to sept 2019 before we knew a lot about mayhem and read up on how many people were flaming OP levels.

Plz don’t act like OP had a large following because I was one of the few people on the forums at that time that liked the OP levels, most people hated them.


Like has been mentioned before, we should table all of this until after Mayhem 2.0 hits on Thursday.

The issue with OP levels was the health gating. I’d rather not have that again.

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This is why the scaling question is so important. Pets already struggle mightily at M4, and there are 2 more levels until you start unlocking mayhem exclusive gear and another 4 after that. We NEED to know if our pets will be scaled to handle that.


Agreed. Some of us just want to play classic borderlands. There’s no opt out at all. . .

OP levels can be done intelligently though. Health and shields would scale with enemy damage, but the main benefit would be more health and shields and armor for enemies. This can be done because as we get more skill points etc , enemies need to be tougher too. It can be done gradually and intelligently very easily IMO.

Frankly , when M4 came out it was deemed excessive and impossible, but GBX slowly buffed characters and added 7 skill points and now, m4 seems perfect, if not a tad easy . Still, its enjoyable and fun and challenging and well balanced .

With the next 3 skill points I would have loved to have also introduced Mayhem 5. Tougher enemies to balance out is having 60 skill points.

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Sorry, I have to point out that Iron Bear isn’t a vault hunter. He’s a companion i.e. Clone/Pets. They will all suffer, but there main roll is sidekick.

They’ll likely be adjuster to match Mahyem level somehow. If not that sucks.

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There cant be though. Because you can pick M10 right off the bat, if IB scaled automatically that means we can just use IB builds to farm M10 gear and skip all the Lower mayhem levels

Does that make sense ?