Borderlands 3 Mayhem 2.0 Explained

Maybe they’ll let us have this one. I’m not hopeful, but they’ll have to plunge the dagger into my heart before I give up hope.

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It would be great but thier silence on whether IB will scale or not is deafening


Can we take a moment to appreciate that they’re adding new annointments that activate when your Actions Skill STARTS?
Like, that could be Freakin’ HUGE.

I’m very excited to see all the new gear and annointments.

And to the people already jumping on GBX already, we still haven’t even seen the full list of potential modifiers, or how much enemy stats will scale per level.
Let’s wait until we have actually numbers , and then we can scream our heads off :smile:

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There has to be scaling, otherwise it’s a useless action skill and it’s Moze’s only action skill. It’s better to be too useful than useless.


Just increasing health, armour and shield stats of enemies is the opposite of “intelligently”. “bullet sponge bosses” have been a complaint since the beginning of time, in a variety of genres, including franchises like Borderlands.

You don’t like Mayhem 2.0 based on what you’ve read? That’s cool, nobody is forcing you to like it.

Suggesting how to do things “intelligently”, however, is rife with personal bias as to what you consider good games design.


I missed that on my first read through of the Cartels event… That’s exciting news!


They’re (to their detriment imo) ridiculously closed lipped about hotfix and patch notes. Even for things like this that we can find out in 5 minutes, yet will largely determine whether or not we keep playing the game.

I’ve had a ton of patience, but I’m getting sick of waiting for pet builds to feel good. I have to do freaking melee Zero level rotations just to get my pet to reliably kill grunts. Not badasses, grunts. Getting consistent badass kills is THE most difficult thing to do in this game bar none, and the reward for it is non-existent.

We’ve been begging since release for a FL4K pet damage build, for all the points we sink into the pet to be worth it. Six months in we’re still on the fence, and this is the thing that’ll blow us over one way or the other. I seriously hope that they do the right thing and scale the pets, otherwise I’m done.


Welp, I’m gonna wait until I play it to give a proper and, as accurate and honest as I can, feedback. But from what I’m reading, it doesn’t look good.

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I agree on OP levels completely, but M4 just being a tad easy?

There is no boss in the game without an immunity phase I can’t kill in 5-10 seconds max, I think saying it is a tad easy is a little unfair.

I am in NO way a great player either, I just know what skills work good with certain guns.

Personally my guess is I will be able to start at M6-M8 in my current gear and hopefully struggle a little bit.

My fear is that the new M10 gear will make everything no different then what M4 is now.

If I were to guess/speculate, given that one apparently can re-roll stuff pretty much instantaneously from the Echo menu and this choice sticks with you - it will take few seconds to land on the set of modifiers you find ‘acceptable’ and then stay there. So, if you want a combo that does not have ‘Floor is Lava’ and “2 extra projectiles” (made up example), you will get it rather quickly.

You have your predictability this way, perhaps. At least until next MH level, which is also your decision.


They have lousy commuinication and have since it was released.

They have ZERO transparency with their player base which is sad because the best games I have ever played all had good communication and listened to their players before implementing huge changes.

I have serious doubt’s they will get this right, but I will still wait until Thursday before I condemn it.

No matter how bad a company is (and OMG Gearbox is bad) they eventually have to get something right…maybe this is it.


Getting it right would be just giving us an answer to this. They’ve been more communicative regarding vertical split screen lately, I’d love for a similar level of openness about this.

Just let me know. Either way I won’t need to worry or complain or bring it up every chance I get if I know that GB will or won’t scale them. As long as I don’t know, then I have to keep pushing this question.

I get it and I agree to a point…

My only thing is, if I was a developer and I had a reason I wasn’t releasing info, valid or not, the more anyone pushed me for an answer I wasn’t rdy to give the less I would be willing to open up later.

I think it hurts the communication more when the same question is asked day after day every day.

I already think Gearbox is a horrible company that cares absolutely ZERO for its playerbase and nothing will change that in the near future.

I’d think IB and the clone are more than companions since they’re the action skills of the characters. If they are weak then the action skill is useless (esp. for Moze b/c Zane can still use the barrier/SNTL) The pets are additions to FL4Ks action skill but you can play as FL4K without the pets.

I’m just annoyed that again they are making legendary items available only for people who can complete higher levels. I’d prefer they ditch the whole mayhem thing and focus on DLC that is actually worth playing (the last one was some of the worst DLC content I’ve played in any game).

Yeah gating gear behind higher M levels is a pretty lousy thing to do and is just another thing showing gearbox only cares about a small percent of their players.

And I wholeheartedly agree with DLC2 was one of the worst DLC’s I have every played. The only reason I play it now is to farm for some gear but otherwise I will never play through it again with any of my VH’s.

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That’s… literally how every single FPS games since the dawn of time handles difficulty settings. Tougher enemies with more life that do more damage.

In borderlands it’s even more needed because our builds are not static so we need enemies to scale with us too.

Why are you confused or acting like I just said something profoundly earth shattering that upends life as we know it for the worse ?

Edit : also calling enemies becoming “bullet sponges” is disingenuous. Sure, when M4 came out they were bullet sponges, but now 7 skill points and countless buffs later , can you honestly say they still are ? Hence the whole "intelligently " preface


Small percentage of players?

They have metrics on what people are playing. Part of the reason they increased bank space is because they could literally see the volume of people leveling characters just to reach sanctuary to make mules.

If they’re adding high-difficulty content to the endgame like this, it’s only because the numbers show people will play it.

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Not that I don’t understand to an extent, but the reason they keep getting asked this question is because it’s been an issue since the game’s release.

THE most replied to thread in the FL4K forums is Fl4k is Not a Beastmaster. The community has been complaining about the weakness of FL4K’s pets for 6 months. Our class mods have been bugged for 6 months, we’ve only been dealing 33% of our max damage because cryo doesn’t work for 6 months, this has been the worst implemented aspect of any of the characters for 6 months because the pets (even with all of the damage bonuses in the skill tree) have never been usable as a damage source at the highest current difficulty.

Squeaky wheels don’t squeak once they get grease. If the issue was resolved then there would be no need to continue bringing this up. There are only so many of us even bothering to push for this at this point since most of the people who wanted to play a beastmaster gave up a long time ago. It can’t be that tough to just give us a yes or no answer already.


The metrics only show for online players…there are a TON of offline players also, but I understand the metrics show a lot, but the metrics don’t show if people LIKE the mayhem modifiers, they only show that people are playing them.

When something is your only option of course you will play it.

So the metric shows everyone is playing M3 or M4 because everything else is too easy, but when was the last time they actually ASKED you if you liked the mayhem system?


that would make all golden keys redundant for the future of bl3