Borderlands 3 Melee

Gearbox probably won’t implement this but instead of just guns with melee attachments they should add a melee weapon such as a sword that you could farm from bosses for melee builds to make them feel more like a melee build.

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Melee combat and melee weapons in particular have been heated points of discussion in the Borderlands series for quite a while now. Realistically, though, it’s pretty unlikely that we’ll see any deep change in the formula before the next game.

Personally, I think the best way to implement them would be the one suggested by Demonite:

Basically treating melee weapons as grenade mods: they replace your default melee attack and occupy a single dedicated menu slot.

I guess technically the basis for something like this was there. In Borderlands 2 Krieg had a hidden, dedicated melee weapon. I think people managed to somehow unequip or dupe it or something like that. In a way that was a fully fledged melee weapon, but only usable during Krieg’s action skill.

It feels like they took a step back from melee between Borderlands 2 and 3. In part 2 you could hit flying enemies easily because you had infinite vertical reach. That doesn’t appear to be possible anymore.

Give us a buzzsaw axe please.

I mean, that was already taken away in TPS, and it wasn’t actually an intended mechanic. They just fixed their oversight.

Okay wow. Usually I agree with fixing even the useful bugs, but this feels like it should have been a feature. People cry for more melee for years, and one of the things that enabled full melee a fair bit in borderlands 2 was just a bug. That just hit me pretty hard.