Borderlands 3 might be a micro-transaction mishap?

with gearbox/2k adding weapon and echo skins, is it possible that theyll add some sort of bordercoin loot system with loot chests and micro-transactions? it would be perfect for the borderlands universe (not that i want it) because you could buy a loot chest and try to get a skin you want just like EA does and im kinda scared about that.

edit: 25%20AM look at that! thats a loot crate. it has to be. (from

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There was already something about loot and XP boosters mentioned somewhere. That, and presumably the premium heads and skins like those in BL2.

oh my god i hope not. now im terrified! still preordering it tho lol

I may quote this in the future if you don’t mind. :laughing:
Thanks though - didn’t notice this, and I’m signing up now.


The EXP and LOOT booster are probably like the Relics that did the same thing on 2. It was a pre-order incentive thing that you could equip and it’d give you an insignificant boost to those things (although I think the EXP Relic from Moxxi could be gotten in-game?).

So if we go by that, It’s safe to say that they won’t be selling timed boosters, assuming that’s what you were scared of.

Heads and Skin customization were things that BL2 also sold ($0.99 if I remember correctly), so if they do sell individual skins/heads, that should be fine AS LONG as it’s not part of predatory lootbox systems, meaning that as long as you can buy exactly what you want rather than gambling, it should be fine if they do it.

I draw the line honestly at buying Weapons or timed boosters. Those should NOT exist in a LOOTER SHOOTER.


Yeah, there are slot machines that have a random chance to kick out legendary weapons and a handful of skins in BL2 that use ‘bordercoins’.

I bought weapons in BL2 that legitimately gave me an advantage: the Gearbox weapons and Contraband Sky Rocket from the pre-order bonus (that included a golden key on the topic of loot chests). The Jakobs sniper rifle in that startup pack lasts a long time.


You , my friend have “coined” one of the best terms in the whole franchise history…“bordercoin”. You deserve recognition and acclaim. Hope you get it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


its a not a loot box, its a free gift from just being in the vip program, that also has staic drops that dont change. just like the golden keys.

The prospect of lootboxes that this thread is presenting is making me reconsider buying the game at all…

It’s not a loot box.

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Randy Pitchford has explicitly stated that there will be no microtransactions.
I mean, I personally dont care either way as games that operate with paid loot boxes might encourage you to buy them, but ultimately you are not obligated to buy them, and considering Borderlands is an adult game, I’d be concerned if someone simply couldn’t control themselves with this.

Let’s be clear here; Randy’s statement was a bit inaccurate, as there will clearly be “microtransactions” in BL3 in the form of skins for characters and guns that you can buy for real money (as opposed to earn in the game or get free through the VIP program or such).

But Randy was VERY clear in meaning that there will be no pay-for loot boxes and no pay-to-win stuff; he’s very much against such and even Take-Two (2K) weren’t able to force them into the game (as they have been guilty of that kind of thing in other games).