Borderlands 3 Missing bank item bug whats happening and how to avoid it. Four bugs co ops, onlines, saves and Bank Upgrade

I too have lost all my loot today. Been playing all day solo, completed the mission on skywell 27 on tvhm and went to sanctuary and went to bank and 50/50 were all gone!!! Now have 0/50. I cant remember what I had cause I switched out so many times but I can say this…they were All lengendary gold weapons and I’m pissed. So many hrs of grinding for what!!! Game was fun till this ■■■■■■■■. And no I cant prove what I had nor should I.

People claiming it only happens on co-op when quitting are wrong, I have only ever played solo and went from having a bank of 40 items (90% legendary and some red names and pre order bonuses) to having a bank of 0 :frowning: I was saving a lot to test on other builds and spent about 60 hours collecting nice items for nothing. :confused:

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Just happened to me too.
This just sucks I don’t feel like i wanna play it anymore.
So much time farming wasted

This happened to my husband yesterday. Their response was basically he is SOL in getting his stuff back. And who keeps detailed lists of inventory and screenshots? Your vault changes daily from adding or taking stuff out. I made my alts as mules and picking up everything I am keeping and not putting another thing in that vault till this issue is fixed. Will be going back to Destiny with the launch of shadowkeep tonight till gearbox gets their you know what together. There is no point in keeping on playing this game if I can’t store my loot without fear if losing it all, especially with loot drops nerfed into the ground.

Second time in 4 days, that time with screenshot like fa psycho ! Nothing from gearbox for another time would be pretty rough, must be like 50 leg in total…
Just after a patch 1 hour ago for me

So 2k/gearbox does not care about thier player base what so ever.

Thank you for reaching out to us at 2K Support!

We’re no longer able to assist with these requests. I know that it’s inconvenient, but in this case, you’ll have to reach out to Sony-America Customer Support for assistance.

This has happened to me twice. One a week ago and today. First ticket not resolved and still open. Now I have added this one as well. With a little side note that at this time it is really hard to continue playing this game. Or recommending it to others. They are spending more time trying to nerf bosses and beef characters than worrying about anything else. I have been on solo mode both times my bank has disappeared so it isn’t only a coop problem. Itemized list. That’s a joke. It’s sad that you have to screen shot your bank every time you put something in it because it might all disappear the next second. This is beyond broken and no word of them working on this makes it difficult to continue. Stop worrying about all the little stuff and fix the on thing that is game breaking and player damaging!!!

New way to clear your bank found in single player online play.

The same thing happened to me. Is there any way at all you can get the data and either put the items back or mail the items using the social mail system?

This just happened to me last night! I’ve been playing since launch and had accumulated a nice stash. I was playing solo offline and switched characters to shift some items around in my bank, and “WTF!? MY STUFF IS GONE!” I have a maxed out bank and had nearly all level 50 legendaries in there. Even different versions of some.

I searched for solutions only to find that customers are being asked for literal list of weapons and screenshots. I don’t recall ever taking a screenshot in ANY game to show off my bank, lol. Current gear, maybe. But the bank? I had no idea we’d have to be burdened to take such precautions. I didn’t purchase this game thinking “protect your items from the game itself!”

So I’m not going to bother trying to get customer support to help if that’s the only kind of help they can offer. I didn’t think I’d need to use screenshots for receipts, lol… I’m probably just going to have to quit the game until a fix is made. This sucks…

Has anyone actually gotten any of their items back? Some specific items, such as the low lvl brawler ward I specifically farmed in my 20s I literally can’t get back without making a new character and someone willing to farm it for me.

Fallout 76 got sued for this…if our collective HUNDREDS of hours doesn’t get solved…There will be a lot of refund and/or class action on this…I gave them a list of 4 specific items I needed rest of the 50 I gave up on, still nothing.

I did happen on another way to clear the bank last night.
An online method.
So I and my friend he was second we were in split screen were playing in a mayhem the cistern.
Well it was laggy choppy etc.

Eventually we hit the dreaded blue screen error of ps4.
After waiting for the system to come back from it’s black screen to blue i did not reboot at any point.

We logged back in i checked my goods which were there full bank.
But his bank being second player totally wiped.
Knowing the risks he emptied his bank of legendaries and such i said screw it lets see what happens and i was not affected but his items were.

So watch out for the blue screen of death mid game play online.

Is Gearbox working on fixing this bug or what?

I lost all my legendary’ sin my bank :cold_sweat:

I’m not going to play BL3 anymore until they get this fix, until then I’ll be playing MHW :sunglasses:

Reportedly yes but no word on what context as i have listed four ways here so far.

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Ok :ok_hand: Thanks.

After the update just now, many people are reporting that their items from the bank are gone. Please stop releasing updates until this issue is fixed.

Why should I have to keep trading my items to other characters I’ve created just to safely store them? Just because I anticipated this being a problem and kept my bank
empty before the update doesn’t mean that it’s OK.

Well goodish news confirmed today on this bug.

Thanks to Vault Hunters like yourself, we’ve been able to collect enough info about this issue to notify the development team, and they are currently working on a fix.

Unfortunately, we don’t have visibility on their progress here in customer support, so we don’t have a timeline for the fix to be implemented.


I got 20 golden keys. I did not supply a detailed list of the lost items though and still wonder how detailed such a list had to be. Items have levels, the name prefix does influence their stats and they are composed of multiple parts - all with unique attributes.
I seriously doubt, that you can get back the items you´ve lost. Please keep us up to date on this.