Borderlands 3 Missing bank item bug whats happening and how to avoid it. Four bugs co ops, onlines, saves and Bank Upgrade

Thanks I’ll give this a try.

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Reporting back so far so good no items have since been lost as long as player 2 quits first. :slight_smile:

If you are seeing the same please say so.

I had this happen to me yesterday. I did not play with anyone who didn’t have a vault though. Nor did I play split screen.

I have played exclusively with friends at the same story mission until yesterday. I played for about 2 hours single player side quests only. While playing single player, I did access my vault and dumped some items. Later I joined my friends and we played chapter 22 to 23. Once we got back to sanctuary, I went to add another item to my vault and all my items were gone in the vault.

Something happened between single player and multiplayer.

Someone owes me some gold keys…


Yeah hard to say. I haven’t played online to really get to the meat if the issue there. But maybe you all had a quick quit and pause or there’s something more to it with online. I suppose I could put a shout out two three folks who want to test online to determine how to avoid it but my hours of play right now are pretty late and really gb should be doing this at this point.
It’s entirely possible that even a 3rd or 4th player quiting a certain way is causing the deletion. Like if your four and 2 quits out maybe that deletes 3 and 4.
Which would really suck if it’s a que style it would mean player 4 has to quit then 3 then 2 then 1 for all too keep banked items. But such testing and ideas have to get performed with willing and cooperative participants. Without testing and based on your issue I would highly suggest the suck quit method as it avoids additional issues then report back if even that fails. And to be safe use the wall mounts for important items. Just my 25 cents here. The issue could even be how it saves upon transport. So maybe quit before switching into or out of sanctuary dunno. Cause all in all this totaly smells of a failure of all players bank save data.

And i just checked back on the case to post them my testing this is what i found waiting for me. :smiley:

2K Support Yesterday at 23:16

Please note that this is an automated response

Hey Thgndim,

Thank you for reaching out to Pandora’s 2K Support.

We’re sorry to hear those Children of the Vault made off with your loot.

To look into this further, could you please tell us if you checked your bank while in a group? Once you’re grouped up, the location of the actual bank moves based on your party position.

If you’re still unable to see your items, please provide me with the following:

  • SHiFT ID:
  • SHiFT E-mail Address:
  • Detailed list of the items that you’re missing:
  • Video/Screenshot showing you accessing your bank:

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach back out.

See ya Vault Hunter,

2K Support

Can you post a link to the 2k support page you sent that to? I’d like to send my own response to get a ticket, as I have screenshots of the legendaries I lost, though none of the cool Rares and Epics.

Uses your shift account.

Its not just 2 players, Today i was playing solo going from boss to boss and farming them,before i started i had cleaned out my inventory so it was like 20/40 bank at 45/45, bought sdu went and farmed came back with stuff and empty bank. So idk exactly where but the problem is either the last sdu or the last bank spaces or if bank is full and you buy sdu, because mine has worked fine up until tvhm

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Solo player, alot of hours farming. I lost ALL 50 orange weapons, mods, grenades etc. This is ridiculous. How can they make up for the hours of my life i have lost trying to acquire this loot? They cant.

Up until this i really enjoyed borderlands 3, now i feel like i have been taken advantage of.


Just happened to me. Was playing solo all day and went to check my bank and everything is gone now. Thanks a lot Gearbox

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It just happened to me. Was playing solo all day and just went to grab something from it and everything is gone. Thanks Gearbox. Thanks a lot

Happened to me as well - I had it full with 50 itesm almost all legendary and logged in today and everything from the bank is gone (0/50). My only suggestion is to make frequent backups of your game save files until they can fix this. Windows File History backup is easy and will do the trick.

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I’ve only played single player by myself, no coop, no special gaming, just playing the, and it happened to me. I don’t use the bank anymore. I am on XBOX one, but, it is happening across all platforms.

XBOX player here.

I had 50 carefully curated Operator class mods in the bank so I could easily switch between different kinds of builds. My best one had a +22% Action Skill CD rate AND bonuses to Adrenaline! There were several Legendaries among these.

These class mods came from all my gameplay since the beginning.

Fortunately I kept a detailed spreadsheet of all of the class mods, which I sent to 2K support. So we’ll see if 2K sends me them.

I can’t tell you how ridiculous it is for a game in 2019 not to let the player roll back their save to a prior known working point. I understand there are likely to be bugs, but there’s no excuse to use “save slots” anymore because that prevents the player from keeping a history of prior versions of a save.

Skyrim on the other hand lets you save at any time, and you can make basically an infinite number of prior saves, limited only by the disk space restrictions of your platform.

So why can’t fully modern games like Borderlands 3 adopt such a system as Skyrim had over five years ago?

Why can’t the game at least do some kind of sanity check between the data it’s about to write to your file, and the data that was in the file before? That way, it would notice that all your items are gone even though the player never sold them or withdrew them from the bank.

This is the kind of bug that totally ruins players’ experience.

It’s bad enough that, in a game where collecting loot is literally the whole point, players are restricted to having a maximum of 50 items. This is 2019! My console has a terabyte HDD!! Why can’t I have 50,000 items in my bank? Seriously!!

The severe restriction of inventory space has always been the worst thing about Borderlands. In Borderlands 1 on XBOX 360, I was able to mod my save file so my backpack could hold over 1,000 items, and it worked perfectly. Never had a crash or lost an item. It made the game sooo much better and more fun.


I’m on PC. I did everything in the game that’s supposed to cause stored item loss. Joining people, leaving, disconnecting, crashing, upgrading, switching to offline, online and so on. My bank is still full. I don’t think this bug is caused by ingame situations alone. Seeing how cloud saves didn’t go smooth, it might be something in that direction. I only use local saves and keep cloud saving disabled. (Also doing frequent backups of my save files). How about you? Did you use cloud save by any chance?

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Can you not download a previous save from the cloud and get most/all your items back? Or does it affect that save somehow too?

So, it happend to me a few days ago during my first playthrough.
I lost 40 items. It wasnt as bad as it could be, because I wasnt
Lvl 50.

I wrote a ticket and got an eMail from 2k. They wanted me to
provide some infos:

  • my Shift ID
  • my Shift eMail address
  • a screenshot of the empty bank
  • a detailed list of the lost items

Are you kidding me ??? We are the damaged player who spent
up to 100 Dollars/Euros and then we should prove and
provide a detailed list of the lost items ?

Sorry but i didnt write down the items on a paper. That
is a really bad behavior. The bank bug is well known for
a week about all platforms.

I finished the second playthroug on TVHM. But now I can not
farm because the bank is broken and my inventory is full.

Good job.

I like the whole franchise, all the characters and the story.

But the way you behave towards YOUR community sucks.
Work on it !!!

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To OP: Are you a softwaretester by any chance? If not, think about that as a career option. I merely hold an ISTQB Foundation certificate but am quite impressed with your approach.

No never been a dedicated software tester. I’ve always been in support. But one of my support jobs entailed bug testing to determination from clients. Test a problem on current version then next version and two versions back so I did write bugs for educational software for about 8 years in my roll as tier 2 support. :smiley: And thanks.

This just happened to me, everything gone including my rough rider! Kinda puts a damper on this game because I don’t want to continue farming for gear and have it happen again… I’m on PS4

I’ve never played with anyone online or had a 2nd player to save anything with and my bank items still went missing.