Borderlands 3 - Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot is Here!

NOTE: PS4 Season Pass holders in the UK should now be able to download the “Moxxi’s Heist” DLC. If you were affected, please try downloading again, and if you continue experiencing issues please contact Thank you again for your patience!


Xbox not working either

Woops. Did someone let the trainee have a go? :smiley:


Xbox is live! Try closing Borderlands 3 and restarting your Xbox if you’re still having an issue with Xbox.

If you continue to have any issues launching the DLC, submit a ticket to and specify that the issue is on Xbox.


I had to go to the quest icon besides Moxie’s bar and tell it to purchase content, and then brought me to the store and allowed me to download it for free


Same here, I had to go to the Microsoft store and download it.


I have the PS4 Season Pass and it is not working. Hope they fix it fast. snief :cry:

EDIT: 30 Min later it is downloadable for free on my PS4 20:50 CET Germany

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@Noelle_GBX I have to say, despite the problems that remain in the game, this DLC is excellent so far. The writing is SO much better, the new characters More interesting, the maps are stunning and the music is fantastic. I’m enjoying it way more than the main game. Hats off x

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@Noelle_GBX: If the design brief for this DLC was “New Vegas in space” then congratulations - the team totally nailed it.

I am having a blast!

If every dlc is this good then… I’m in.


Just wanted to say good job on the DLC. I really enjoyed what I did in it last night. Looking forward to more fun there tonight.
Some fun dialogue, neat environment, overall thumbs up so far :+1:


I got a coupon code from Epic for 10 dollars off any game 14.99 or more (DLC costs 14.99) and it won’t let me use it to buy the DLC?

Don’t get what’s going on.

Where’s the raid boss thoo?? I was so excited:(

also goes to show how much of an a$$hole Jack was.


Even Dead he instills a greater love/hate than the youtube brats.

I have the super deluxe edition and It won’t give me the free option on my Xbox any idea what’s going on?

See this thread: