Borderlands 3 Moze Classmod Forified Tenacious Bloodletter

Hey guys i got a question i try for more than 3 Days to farm an specific Classmod for Moze. the Fortified Tenacious Bloodletter with +3 Phalanx Doktrin +1 balanceact +1 survivor but i didn‘t get it from any Boss graveward don‘t drop it Traunt don‘t drop it the Loot tinks don‘t drop it i don‘t know what i should try :frowning: i play mayham 3 all the time :frowning: and sometimes i used the offline mod only to get more loot cause its such a ■■■■ that i didn‘t get it im more of 60 hours Farming :frowning: Bloodletter

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It’s hard enough to get a legendary class.mod pet alone one with specific roles.

Mayhem 3
Boss Farming
Pray to the RNG gods.

So there is no specific way no specific boss where to farm classmods?

For me Megamind seems to drop more grenades, shields, class mods and relics than weapons. So maybe try your luck there (on Mayhem III).

Also slaughter shaft (also on Mayhem III) can be a good source if you can kill fast enough. I usally find there 1-3 legendary class mods per run.

Also don’t go offline. Yes you get more loot as the hotfixes (including the nerfs) then don’t get downloaded, but you also can not find legendary class mods when playing offline. It seems that was a bug in the release version of the game and was fixed via hotfix.

Okay thanks for that info yeat i think that makes sense cause as i farmed General Traunt on Nekrota… i didn‘t get any legi classmod offline but online i got some classmods but not for Moze :frowning:

If you’re willing to go the distance, make some friends on a discord, and try to get 3 other people to farm with you.

Since loot is instanced for each player, that’s 4x the loot, and more of a chance to get the mod.

I’ve gotten 8 bloodletter mods doing this^

Wtf dod u get a fortified tenacious? If yes and u play on ps4 would you trade one with me?

I don’t play on PS4…PC…otherwise I’d just give you one…RIP lol


Well, sorry to hijack this, but as I have tried also few days now getting that and I happen to play on PC . If you have plenty of them, I really could use one :slight_smile:


I too am in this boat, 3 days none stop, loads of awesome loot at the top farm spots(Mayhem III) and no luck on this one class mod im after. I wouldn’t even care the roles I got on it, just that its a Bloodletter (lv50), I be happy to trade something for one of your extras or go farming with you. “Anunnakas” invite/join anytime

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Wow… may i have one? :stuck_out_tongue:

Willowsuario on EPIC, i can trade it for lots of things

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Well… after hours of killing Megamind( about 100 kills as I stopped counting) on Normal, Mayhem 3 Online. I got 1 Fortified Tenanious Bloodletter, from the red chest after the fight, So… really any red chest you can farm fast might have one. He did drop 4 Moze Classmods just not bloodletters. I was able to kill him in about 30sec or less so every 2mins or so I was resetting. using Moze endless mag/nade build

IF you still need one, send me your EPIC tag/name.


Sure…i’ll add you later today…if you still haven’t found one that is

Perfect thanks, Varjis78 is my tag.

do you still have another bloodletter ?

Yo, can I get a maxed bloodletter from you?

like to ask the same if you dont mind. its the only thing im missing for my tank build

I have a lot of items to trade for a bloodletter if someone can trade me one. ogre, crossroads, lyuda, transformer, rowans call and a lot more. Just ask what u need

Tag: DIME_94

Do you have fire flakker? Or anyone in this board for that matter…