Borderlands 3/Moze, it's been nice knowing you

Let me start by saying that I don’t typically make accounts just to gripe on forums. I hate social media in general, and typically just lurk/read from the shadows/Twitch. I made a Shift account just for this post.

Gearbox talks about build diversity, a great idea. What do they do? Nerf the Bloodletter class mod recharge/delay rates - grenade build is still viable. Their next step? Nerf Hex damage so it doesn’t melt everything so fast - grenade build is still viable. What happens next? A nerf (I PRAY it’s just a bug) to MoD SKILL that completely makes the build useless for spamming grenades. The MoD skill is null at this point and not viable anymore like it used to be before 10-24-19 patch update. Even with all the grenade damage and shield recharge/delay changes, the build still worked. I only started using this build about a week ago once my online friends traded me their extra gear so I could have a viable MoD build. You talk about build diversity, then kill the whole skill/build all together? Great “diversity”. As I said before, I hope this grenade “change” is just a bug.

I tried doing COV slaughter shaft (Mayhem 3) today (10-24-19) with the new update, and my grenade regeneration is piss-poor compared to pre-update. There are plenty of other BUGS in the game like performance/stability in the menus and game, invincibility glitch, duplicating items, and PC mods, but you all decide to keep nerfing everything instead of fixing other prevalant issues.

I had no choice but to accept the changes to Bloodletter class mod and Hex grenades prior 10-24-19 since I had recently reached level 50 on Moze, and thankfully the build still worked and was very viable (PLENTY of grenade regeneration). Regardless of damage, it was so much fun to jump around, spam grenades everywhere ad infinitum, and still kill everything. It may have taken a bit longer for certain adds/encounters (Graveward, for instance), but that’s part of the build design and also why there are different weapon types to assist you in those niche scenarios. I even recall a few times in COV slaughter shaft where my shields would spike as much as -80% (maybe lower, -90%), but the constant grenades and healing could power through. I even had to proc second wind a few times in multiplayer COV slaughter, and the build/game was still SUPER FUN and great to play.

Now with the MoD “change” (PLEASE DEAR GOD be a bug!) it’s completely impractical to use this skill in end-game content. I recently learned (today, 10-24-19) how to enable the invincibility glitch with the Deathless relic swap. NEVER DYING and not spamming grenades is honestly LESS FUN than running and jumping everywhere, whilst minding my surroundings/enemies, and throwing grenades to my heart’s content.

I played Division 2 for a few months and eventually settled on a build that allowed me to throw the seeker mine AT LEAST every 11 seconds, as well as the firefly skill every 16 seconds, each skill possibly more often depending on procs. Both abilities basically allowed me to NEVER aim with my guns and let the skills do the work/damage for me, whilst using my guns minimally.

As I’ve told a few of my online friends, I hate feeling like the “guinea pig” for testing when numerous changes are applied after a game’s full release - and Borderlands 3 is not far from that proverb. I quit playing Destiny 2 during the middle of year 2 content, specifically during Scourge of the Past, but it was not for reasons of constant game updates/changes. I did quit Division 2 for the above proverb (I never played Destiny/Division 1 either, straight-up newcomer to both franchises).

As of now, I have largely decided to stop playing Borderlands 3 because the fun I had with Moze is completely gone. Until their is an update and/or fix as to why this change occurred, I very likely will not play this game (as I’ve already said, hopefully this is a bug since there is NOTHING in 10-24-19 patch notes about grenade regeneration and/or MoD skill changes). I was just telling my same friends that I’m very hesitant to buy season passes for games after the experiences I had in Destiny 2 and Division 2 - and boy am I glad I stuck to my guns, even for this game. I really enjoyed Borderlands 2 for the brief time I played it (launch until Tiny Tina and/or Pre-Sequel release, I don’t remember release order). As many hard feelings that I have towards Destiny 2, I’m honestly considering going back (or wait another game release) if these changes are not explained, and with GOOD justification.

I saw the video last night on RyanCentral’s Youtube channel with Elisa Melendez and Grant Kao discussing the 10-17-19 patch. He briefly talks about Borderlands 3 having build diversity, and there are plenty of threads/responses amongst the sea of “nerd threads” today of people trying to justify that 10-24-19 is not a bug, but legitimate. After watching that video and the 10-24-19 patch release, you all talk about “build diversity”… Pssh!

TL:DR - I hope 10-24-19 is just a bug.



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