Borderlands 3 multiplayer matchmaking

Hello everyone, I follow the borderlands 3 forums regularly but have yet to see any conversations about matchmaking. Is a discord going to be available for borderlands 3 or specific websites that allow you to find players during specific activities (such as raids, loot grinding bosses, campaign play through, etc.)
I know this was an issue for a while when Destiny was first starting out…I was not sure of any player based resources we can use to help with matchmaking.
Thank you all for your time!

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There is a discord, and I believe the Community Manager is sorting this today.

I just hope matchmaking is smooth and there aren’t constant disconnections. Borderlands servers have always been hit or miss in the past. I really hope they’ve sorted all that out.

But hasn’t it always been peer-to-peer for co-op? Is BL3 using dedicated servers?

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I haven’t seen official word from Gearbox/2K but there are rumors online that it will have DS. If someone knows for sure and has a link they could provide that would be awesome.

It will work the same way as BL1/BL2/TPS.

Dedicated servers will hamper cheating, not stop it. Major difference. And just because save data is kept in the cloud, doesn’t mean there isn’t a save file kept client-side. They do, admittedly, tend to be buried in places some people won’t dig into, but they’re present.

No Man’s Sky keeps a cloud save as well, but like any other game with cloud saving, the client-side data overwrites the cloud data when syncing information, not the other way around.

They used peer-to-peer matchmaking, not dedicated servers. You’re saying BL3 will definitely be P2P? Can you provide a link or something where you got that info, just for clarification?

There is no source, cause it’s not confirmed. If they didn’t talk about dedicated servers till now, it’s gonna work the same way as all previous games.