Borderlands 3 music to low, graphics performance

Next fix,give more power to the music,the volume is too low, graphics performance needs an update,the game os great,best fps rpg in last years.

If you want to the music louder, you should be able to bump it relative to the other audio sources within the game’s Audio settings (just waiting for the game to start up so I can double check).

Also, moving to the BL3 section.

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You can.

I actually did the opposite. I prefer the music very low so I can hear the “chunkiness” of my gun’s firing.

To the OP, just go into audio settings menu and lower everything but music and crank your headphones/speaker.

The max is very low,some people like low, other with more power…and the max is very low ,is more easy to put low.

I try everthing is always to low,i see other people playing,and the music os always to low, is a general problem

All I can suggest is checking your other audio system options. For example, if your game is set to “small speaker” but you have a surround sound setup, it’s going to make a difference.

I just tried it out. Master volume is 100, music is 100, rest at 5%.

Max headphone volume.

It is pretty loud, but it’s not anywhere near “uncomfortable loud”, so there is, I’d agree, room for more volume.

Maybe you can, as VH101 said, change some of your settings on your rig?

I play with my headset,and is the ONLY game isto low the music… but ok,i hope they fix this One day

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I play with my headset but thanks for the tip

Me too and I heavily enjoy the music. Sound FX team did fantastic.

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