Borderlands 3 My Wishlist (WIP)


Diana as the Assassin


Action Skill
Sword (Get a sword like Kreig)

Tree 1 (Sniping Assassin)
Weak Spot (Adds a new weak spot to every enemy) ----- Ricochet (Bullets ricochet if the enemy you hit first dies & deals 100% more dmg to the next enemy it hits. (can ricochet up to 5 times)

Tree 2 (Silent Assassin) (WIP)
Invisible (Become invisible for 5 seconds or until you hit someone) ----- Backstab (Deal 200% for dmg when you hit enemies in the back)

Tree 3 (Melee Assassin)
Deflect (If you are using your action skill right click to deflect bullets) ----- Dash (Dash to enemies by pressing Melee Button)

El Muchacho as the Bruiser


Action Skill
Fists of Fury

Wall Creator (Melee the ground to build a wall for 10 seconds. 25 second cooldown) ----- SHIELD WALL!!! (Use your back as a shield. Shield lasts 15 seconds. Activated by using Fists of Fury)

Tree 2 (Send em Flyin)
Tornado (Spin like a tornado and send enemies flying. Activated by pressing melee)----- Upa Cut/Hulk Smash/Jump Kick. (3 options. You can only pick 1) (Activated by pressing right click and melee on enemy)

Tree 3 (Tag Team)
Get On My Back (Right Click & Hold Melee Button On Teammate To Activate. Once activated your teammate hops on your back and you both gain increased DMG & El Muchacho gets a bunch of movement speed. If you use a skill in the Send em Flying Tree with a teammate on your back you deal increased dmg) ----- Throw me! (Hold Melee Button To Request Throw me!. If the player accepts. You toss the player for a large distance)

Tina as the Bombgineer (WIP)


Action Skill

Error as the Glitch (WIP)


Laser Gun (keep from pre-sequel)

Locations, Vehicles & Missions

Underwater Levels
Character Specific Missions

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Not too sure about the Dubstep gun, but everything else seems AWESOME!

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Thank you.