Borderlands 3 needs some kinds of deterministic way to get gear

With the opportunity of legendaries raining, why don’t we have an option to disenchant a legendary and use those materials to reroll a specific stat or anointment?

50 legendary ‘shards’ to reroll a secondary stat on a com
100 legendary ‘shards’ to reroll an anointment

Or something like that. It would help tremendously towards getting our desired item(s) and we wouldn’t feel bad for playing an entire day with nothing to show for.

I farmed droughts on mayhem 10 for the past 5 hours for a bloodletter with only splash damage radius cause that’s the most important thing for my build. I haven’t got one yet. Let alone one with other useful stats for my build in addition to splash radius.

RNG dominates this game way too much. Legendaries literally raining also feels weird and kind of a band aid, so implementing this and toning down legendary drop rate would make sense.

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id prefer eridium and cash to be used for “Crafting”
that diablo 3 ish “salvage gameplay” feels terrible too


Just let us use eridum + cash and dupes of weapons to mod the weapons in question. Like you need multiple Lyuda’s for example to “fix” the stats and rolls on another Lyuda.

On a side note I think I got one or 2 with splash radius from Droughts. It’s a good attribute.

yea like, you take a lyuda you want to keep and a lyuda you want the scope of and the lyuda with the scope will get destroyed to attach the scope on the other weapon + a dollar price

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