Borderlands 3 needs to not save as often so as to avoid the character corruption issues that occur within the game

i strongly believe the main reason corrupted data occurs when players of bl3 have a power failure of any kind is due to the game constantly trying to save

change the save system to not save as often or only save like it did in bl2 at either a new u or certain storyline progress or upon quitting the game

the constant saving is why players are losing their characters in the event of a power failure…as any1 who owns any kind of console should know…if you turn the power off or have a power failure while saving your chance of getting corrupted data is extremely high

the same thing is happening with borderlands 3

or heck…give us the option to decide how often the game should save or even allow us to disable auto saving and maybe even allow manual saves at a new u or when we decide to quit the game

any of these things would likely severely reduce the corrupted data issue and would also explain why cloud saving also gets busted…because its also trying to save to the cloud…then boom that gets interupted…so it saves the corrupted data

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What about an automatic backup instead of fewer save spots?

Maybe BL backs up the last five/ten/fifteen auto saves, and lets the player choose from them when they run into a corrupt file?

Seems like a simpler solution to me.

well it seems simple until your system dies in the middle of overwriting autosaves corrupting all of your backups at the same time you lose your character and system saves…

I count myself lucky that never happened to me,… on ps4;
but I have some experience with corrupted saves which is why I routinely back up all my saves to a usb.

Quick simple and if you do it while you’re not in the game completely fool proof, with no risk of game errors corrupting the save process.

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100%; i’ve been backing up to usb once a week since launch;
the reason they changed the save system from BL2 was to combat duping; sadly BL3 is so laggy at times it’ll do it while putting items in the bank

That’s why I said five of them, so that even if one save corrupts, you’ve got four more for to go back to. Yeah, maybe you lose an hour of progress, but that’s way better than a hundred hours, right?

I’ve encountered issues where my LLM and Bank don’t update when logging out, allowing me to effectively dupe anything in them. Sadly, it also means when I stash that sweet new gear for another character…

This game sometimes.

I’ve had 3 profile corruptions (that also corrupted the character I was playing on, so 3 character corruptions to go with those) and 5 stand alone character corruptions from the game crashing/freezing, game stalling my pc entirely, forcing a restart and 2 from simply exiting the game from main menu.

So yeah, I backup my files after every single play session and when I get a really good drop.

i do plenty of back ups as well…however my play sessions are usually relatively long and id rather not have to interupt them for the sake of backing up saves…be nice if there was a way i could do so automatically or a simple button to save to a backup within the game itself…that’d be nice

that way after a 4-6 hour long farm just to get one weapon that i really want i don’t hafta run the risk of everything going boom outta nowhere with all my progress on the farm going back to 0 (yes it really takes me that long to get a weapon drop usually cause bl3 dedicated drops are really bad)

i got really lucky that the power outage occured AFTER i had already done the back up…otherwize my mayhem 10 cyro infinity that i am o so loving right now would be but a corrupted loss