Borderlands 3 Nerf Petition

I’ve been a fan and loved Borderlands since Borderlands 1. The weekly “hot fixes” to Borderlands 3 is driving me insane. Every week I get all my gear together to have fun in the endgame. To play how I want to play, to melt bosses like I want to melt bosses, and every week my kit is destroyed with nerfs. It’s my belief nerfing things takes the fun out of everything that is Borderlands, it’s also my belief that the hotfixes should be buffing bad gear, not bringing good gear down. To bring awareness to the developers about the communities’ frustration. Please join me with a simple like, signature (gamer tag and account name), console if you like, and just simply #buffsnotnerfs

GT: LVX Reaper XVL (Xbox One)


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