Borderlands 3 - New Gameplay Feature List

Probably all of us know about the changes in Borderlands 3 but I wanted to start this thread to summarize all the Features that enhance the gameplay. I mean, Borderlands 3 has a lot of “More of this, more of that” like Weapons or Locations, which is great, but here’s a list of the new gameplay relevant features. What features do you like (or dislike)? Or did I miss something? Write a comment

Vault Hunters

  • Select between 3 different action skills. (Zane can equip 2 at the same time)
  • Action Skills can be enhanced with Augments
  • Emotes


  • Climb up ledges
  • Slide on the floor
  • The PreSequel’s Ground Pound is back


  • Guns can select between different Firing Modes
  • The Slag Element is replaced with Radiation. Whoever is suffering of that status effect takes damage over time and explodes on death. Who gets hit by that explosion has a chance to get infected.
  • The PreSequel’s Cryo is back
  • Hit Markers


  • Sensible interactive things, for example spilled oil catches fire when shot
  • Barrels can be tossed onto the battlefield by punching them
  • Cover is destructable


  • Are now customizable
  • Enemy Vehicles can be hijacked and uploaded into the Catch-a-Ride System. All parts of that Vehicle are then available for custom rides.


  • Friendly NPCs can be revived and they can revive you


  • Colors up grayed areas when visited (also in Echo)

Map (Echo)

  • Is now 3D, which makes it easier to navigate on multiple floors
  • Features mobile fast travel gadget
  • Zone Progress Indicator


  • At Ammo Vendors you can one click fill up your ammo
  • Lost Loot Machine on the Sanctuary III. Never loose awesome stuff again

Item Cards

  • Show proper units beside their metrics, for example “12/s” (12 bullets per second) on firerate.
  • New “Item Score”, which is an average metric indicator. Good for new Players.


  • New but optional Loot Instancing System. When enebled, every Vault Hunter has their own, scaled loot.
  • Ammo found inside Chests are picked up automatically, only what is now full already

No it’s not.

We have emotes? GASP CAN WE DANCE?!

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Shyte you’re right. Got a wrong info there. Removed it



This pleases me…


This thread is very similar to the following:
Gameplay mechanics summary from May1 Demo

Do you guys have any info on the “item score” ? How is this calculated ? I have seen videos of guns with the same rarity and level having different scores, wich intrigues me.

Nope. No infos of the calculations so far. i am also interested

I’d guess that there’s still some parts system at work in the game, then? I’ve seen some interview comments about the weapons system changes that seemed to imply less use of parts between different manufacturers, but more weapon part combinations over all.

Cryo is different from pre-sequel though. It now does a slow + dot and further procs get you the freeze.

But the burning question still hasn’t been addressed AFAIK…are tubbies returning?

Moze the gunner can equip two different action skills also, and u can double up(two of same irom bear weapons or mix and match) one of each arm of iron bear