Borderlands 3 - New weapon company and weapons suggestion

I have a few examples of weapons or weapon types that could be added to the game

Weapon suggestion 1 - Add in the ability to switch your melee weapon after a certain level (possibly after beating the game on TVHM). Weapons could be humorous like a squeak toy hammer, a rubber chicken, a tink, a badasses’ arm, a giant lollipop or something more brutal like a baseball bat that looks like the walking dead. Sometimes it is fun to just melee people and I think being able to switch it up would make it more enjoyable.

Weapon suggestion 2 - Add another weapon company - Something like the Foobar Corp and their Weapons Testing Facility (WTF) line of gear. The weapons should be a little ridiculous and do a variety of odd things.

WTF weapon suggestions:

– Boogie Lights - A grenade that looks like a disco ball and when it explodes it makes enemies in its range start dancing instead of fighting for a period of time. They wont lose much health but you gain the ability to stop them from fighting for a period of time

– Birthday Boy - A COV looking Pinata that explodes with a small set of cluster bombs that also shoots confetti everywhere

– Embrace the Suck - This weapon would allow you to take advantage of all the extra ammo you leave behind. It has to default ammo, instead you have to suck in extra ammo and whatever you get is what you shoot. Players can plan our trying to suck up heavy rounds or whatever to use but it only works at a range similar to the shotgun. Small Skags, Rakks, Jabbers and Spider Ants can also be used and cause severe damage but then you also have to fight or suck them back up - which would require being locked on for a period of time before one would be absorbed. If the weapon runs out, and nothing is around, it then can have the ability to pick up enemies of certain sizes and shoot them back one at a time

– Front Towards Whatever- A pistol or SMG that looks like a claymore mine with a handle. It shoots a 3x6 spread that gets stronger the closer you are to the enemy. face to face it might deal 2K damage, whereas 15 ft away it might be 500.

– The Avenger - Similar to the US Armys Avenger, it is a 4 pod missile pod that is heat seeking if you look down the scope and get it to lock on an enemy.

– The Fubar - a weapon that shoots all of its ammo at once and causes massive damage. Drawback is it is very slow but if you are able to get a hit, it is likely dead.

All of these weapons should be pretty powerful and cost Eridium for ammo (if needed) and require Eridium and possibly 1 or more specialty weapons to be traded in for the WTF special weapon.

Just a thought to make things weirder and more fun overall

i would just like to see alternate fire on guns to actually be alternate, i hate the idea that i can only fire 5 zip rockets then forced back into bullets until the rockets recharge. like just let me reload zipp rockets at the cost of 2 ammo.

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My initial impression was that the alternate mode wasn’t tied to around recharge. That’s was disappointing.

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it’s even more evident in maliwan guns, alternate elemental fire modes work fine, but other guns like vladof with a grenade under barrel same thing as zipp rockets.

Rather than a new manufacturer, I’d rather see the current manufacturers expanded to have a full complement of gear available.

I get that want to maintain the “accessory” aesthetic, but I see no harm in allowing players to switch to shotgun mode and be able to keep firing at an increased ammo cost. It’d be weird with the rockets and tasers, but it’s Borderlands. Let players do whatever.

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That’s only really an issue with Vladof and Atlas tbh; Maliwan, Dahl and Torgue actually have alternate modes that feel complete