Borderlands 3 - NO additional Hotfixes today [07/16/2020]

Hopefully, honestly dedicated drops dont even work correctly the tranformer is supposed to drop from killavolt only as a dedicated but its still dropping from everywhere else. Or am I wrong about it being a dedicated drop?

Dedicated drops don’t necessarily mean they cannot drop anywhere else, just that you should reliably be able to farm that item from that enemy. Exclusive drops is where it drops from that enemy and nowhere else, e.g. King’s/Queen’s Call, Kyb’s Worth, Stinger, etc.

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I assume the patch is coming tomorrow (hopefully). I wonder when the announced info is coming? Bigger changes in the past were always announced before patchday.

Some day a roadmap will come
Some day I’ll know where we go next
And how thrilling that moment will be
When updates of my dreams comes to me

Oh ! A rabbit !
reload guns

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We don’t know for certain the patch is coming tomorrow, they could give us the info tomorrow ahead of releasing it next week. I had my eyes on the Bordercast yesterday, ready for the info, but there was nothing.

They don’t generally release new info on the bordercast. Those guys don’t work for GBX. You could be very right. We might get a borderlands show tomorrow and patch next week. However they generally don’t delay hotfixes unless the patch is incoming the following week. At least that’s been their pattern in the past. All we can do is speculate until they actually say one way or the other.


Generally yes, but over the past few months they have done that more. The previous two patches had devs on speaking about it. I hope it comes tomorrow, but it’s tricky to tell. Just wish they’d communicate more.

BOY! WHAT! Stop picking up useless legendaries!!!


More bank space is useless without better searching, sorting and filtering along with an overhaul of most legendary items and annoints.


Since the day the Cartel event finished I cannot play BL because of this STUPID AND HUGE HUD.
I was hoping that it will solved soon… but after 2 months… NO additional Hotfixes today

Please pay attention on this issue and fix it! There are people (like me) who play games on big TV and this bug is a pain on my eyes!

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Listen, If I had self control I wouldn’t be playing Borderlands . I see something shiny, I pick it up, I put it away, rinse and repeat.


Amen to that. We need to be able to sort via anointment and individual guns (i.e. all my hornets together followed by every one of my copies for the next gun in the alphabet). We also need to stop having every gun appear as new when we go into the bank. If they’re new, let them appear as new but not otherwise.

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I feel your pain - we all want gear and skill balance but bugs that break the game and prevent people playing have to come first.

I’d happily swap a round of ‘balancing’ for a huge performance fix - even though I personally can still play the game the frame rate is unacceptable a lot of the time.


For some reason the lost loot machines aren’t working in the DLC areas at the moment.

Works fine for me. Loot from last boss in BoB was available in LLM in Sanctuary and in Vestige.

Make sure your game is set to cooperation.


It’s just me? How odd. I have no problem with it at Sanctuary but in Vestige or the Lodge it appears blank. Yes, I have it set to co-operation.

Honestly don’t think clone needs a nerf at all since

  1. It can’t switch elements
  2. It can’t target some targets
  3. It can’t move (makes sense)
  4. It doesn’t benefit from annointments
  5. It can kill itself easily with splash damage
  6. Certain weapons that require critical hits don’t work well

DO NOT nerf Zane’s clone. I repeat, DO NOT nerf his clone.


You can complete the hardest content without firing a shot as Zane. I wouldn’t call that balanced in the slightest. That’s why I think that a nerf is somewhat necessary. It doesn’t have to be drastic either: Just as a negative multiplier to Double Barrel, something around a 40-50% penalty to the Mayhem scaling and you’re good. Either that or prevent double dipping with all weapons the clone gets to use, but that’s probably impossible to do. As it is now the clone uses any weapon we give him and does 31 times the normal damage of the gun. That’s too much.

Edit: Alright, it seems I was wrong about that kind of double-dipping not being fixable. The latest patch seems to have fixed it according to the Patchnotes.

Now that Iron Bear Aprecciation month is over.
How bad did they nerf him?

Two bug fixes, one exploit removed, and one anointment no longer dropping.

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