Borderlands 3 - NO additional Hotfixes today [07/16/2020]

What will the next patch focus upon?

If the past is anything to go on, we will probably hear news on Tuesday (possibly on the Bordercast) and then have it drop on Thursday. Unless it drops the following week, in which case the same timetable could happen in that week. Hopefully this week to coincide with the first week of UK summer holidays.


More like next week.

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If they knew what the playerbase liked, they would have never released Mayhem 2.0, at least not in the sorry state it arrived. The way it is now, it’s not perfect but it’s closer than what should have been acceptable at launch.

As for the patch, I’m not expecting anything other than fixes on the issues that were let aside and forgotten beacuse of Gearbox’s quest of mainly patching Mayhem mode(which again, still far from complete, and it will be 3 months old next week).

Low loot drop rates especially on DLCs and named enemies, uses for money, eridium, golden keys and Gun Gun, progression blockers (like ‘Riding to Ruin’), resolution mode on PS4 that never worked as advertised, matchmaking, improved bank management options and build and gear balancing. A couple of these on next(?) week’s patch and that’s a good start.

3rd straight week of no nerfs. Yehey!


Yeah. Safe to connect to the internet again.


I think the fact that most players seem to be happy with the OP aspects of their character being around is not lost on GBX. Hopefully they’re re-evaluating their “balancing” strategy and realizing that “Hey, people actually like using GOOD weapons, and GOOD skills, and GOOD shields/'nades/artifacts/mods” etc.

Then maybe, just maybe, they’ll make Rakk Commander coms good.


Rakk is the go to coms now for stinger fl4k builds.


They’re a business and want to provide a good product. I don’t think they actively are trying to make people hate their game, that’s why I have some semblance of faith in GBX with regards to the playerbase.


People hating the game was just an unexpected happening :slight_smile:


I’m personally neutral on this, but heck, no news is still better news than bad news. Also, just to throw my hat into the ring of suggestions from people that don’t really know what they are doing:

  • Iron Bear is fine, infinite Auto Bear is the problem as well as the way the Mind Sweeper class mod interacts with Iron Bear; fix those 2 pieces of gear instead of lowering IB’s damage output (rather even slightly increase the base damage Salamander does in all its forms). And of those 2 pieces of gear only the Mind Sweeper is really a problem
  • Zanes Digi-Clone pseudo-double-dips from weapon and action skill scaling, so adding a negative multiplier to the clone scaling with Double Barrel would be a good way to fix the clone from being an AFK enabler
  • Fl4ks pets are alright, but somehow some of the attacks do way more damage than they should, like the Scorcher’s fire pool or the Jabbers Barrel throw. If you fix that and maybe bring up the pet damage just that tiny bit further (maybe increase the base damage of all pets by 25% or so), then pets would really be worth building around. They’re so close!
  • Amara is fine as she is and if you don’t overshoot it with the fixes to Ties that Bind and co. she should stay in a good spot




Me neither. I’m just questioning, again, the state and timing that Mayhem 2.0 was released, and the subsequent time/effort spent to put it as it is today. And it’s still not complete.

Time and effort that would be better used at dealing with far more pressing issues, like some of what I listed above, instead of pushing for end-game gameplay modifiers just mere months after launch.


I might be overoptimistic, but really hoping that’s why they’re focused so hard on the next patch. Really hope they get it right. =]


So no HUD Scaling fix this week…

You do know it had been working fine for 8 Months before you removed it right ?

Can anyone spell bait and switch.

At least you had HUD scaling for 8 months, on consoles this option is non-existent.
The same as Friends-Only on PS4.


Oh well. That makes it all ok to sell a product, change it halfway through it’s lifetime, and stick two fingers up to those silly enough to have purchased the ‘hardly’ Super whatever edition.

If this setting was never on console, it makes it all the worse for removing it from PC.


Well this is good news.
Was waiting to see which VH to pull out next, but wanted to see what adjustments were done first. No adjustments!!! :slight_smile:

I will kit out Amara and start her in DLC3 tonight.