Borderlands 3 not available in Israel?


Me and my friends want to pre order the Super Deluxe Edition but we can’t seem to find Israel in the region list, why is that?

We really like the Borderlands franchise and to pre order this game and play it like we did with the previous ones.

If you’re looking on PC its likely due to Epic not servicing your region. I think it was already mentioned PC wasn’t available in China either.

So that means no Borderlands 3 in Israel unless I use a VPN?

You cant find it in any stories in Israel, my best guess is just that no retail have already made a deal with 2k, probably will take a few more weeks till you can find it in stores in Israel.
I dont think that you will nid VPN pretty sure epic store works in Israel.

OK so I downloaded EGS and pressed the pre purchase button on the bl3 sde.
Now the store says it’s identified I’m from Israel and it’s still letting me buy the game, should I do it?

I mean it knows I’m from Israel, and Fortnite for example works perfectly in Israel.

If you wanna pre-order it for PC, sure do it wont cause any troubles especially if the store lets you purchase it even though identified from Israel.

Did you ever get this done NiceOne?

I’m also from Israel and while it now shows up in the regions, it won’t let me pick PC, only PS4 and Xbox.

Also, I’m guessing that by “I downloaded EGS” you mean you downloaded the launcher, I have that installed and searching for Borderlands 3 finds nothing :frowning:

Forget it, I just used the 2K Store and pre-ordered without a problem.