Borderlands 3 not available on PC in South Africa?

(SirFrostWolf) #1

Its available for Xbox and PS4 but not PC i was just wondering why not.

(How much time do we have?) #2

That may be an issue with the the Epic game store? There’s a few regions that don’t have pre-order access. You could try asking Epic support about that; it’s not something Gearbox has control over.

(SirFrostWolf) #3

I put in a ticket with EPIC and they said it wasn’t in their control.

(How much time do we have?) #4

Epic got 2K (the game publisher) to sign a 6 month exclusivity deal for BL3 on PC. So it seems weird that you can’t pre-order through them.

I did notice this work-around for Israel:

You could try doing the same thing?

(SirFrostWolf) #5

I am unable to even view the page it stops me and says its currently unavailable in my region.

(How much time do we have?) #6

Sorry - really not anything to do with Gearbox if Epic hasn’t made their store available in S. Africa. You could try asking 2K support what plans there are for releasing BL3 in your country, since 2K is the official publisher.

The game will eventually come out on Steam (6 months after the official release date on Epic and consoles). I don’t know (and no announcements have been made) about how and when 2K/Epic are going to address regions not currently served by their store. All I can suggest is to monitor for additional announcements over the next couple of months.

(Sebastian Johnstone) #7

I notice we can buy Borderlands 3 on Humble Bundle now that will give us an Epic Games code, any idea if this will bypass the region lock that S. Africa currently has?

(Donclareg96) #8

Did you ever come right with pre ordering on Epic? I see its also not available on PS4 store yet :frowning:
2K support keeps saying they cant help and to check their twitter for more info.