Borderlands 3 not lauching

Alright guys so I’m needing some help here, and I’m also wondering if anyone else is having/had this problem. So basically the game worked perfectly for the first few days then I go to turn on my console and it would not turn on I ended up having to reset it and eventually that got it to work, and at this point the game was still working, but then later that day, my xbox started turning on super slow, and now everytime I try to start up borderlands 3 it just goes to a blue screen for a minute or two then crashes, and I have no idea what to do, because now I can’t the game, I’ve been seeing a lot of reports of performance issues but nothing like what I’m having so I’m hoping I can get some feedback on this and maybe a way to fix it on here, I haven’t tried uninstalling and reinstalling because I’m worried that wont work and I dont want to go through that whole process if there’s a way to fix it