Borderlands 3 Not Launching at all

Hi Everyone!

Borderlands 3 will not even load on my PC for some reason. I have a high end gaming laptop, but every time I try to launch from the epic store nothing seems to happen. No menu pops up, no game audio, nothing even launch. When I open task manager, it shows the game but nothing is happening. I have updated the epic game store and verified the games integrity twice.

I attached the error message I got after waiting 30+ minutes.

Please help!

It seems to think there’s already an instance of the game running. Press CTRL + ALT + DEL simultaneously, then open the Windows Task Manager, and go through the tabs to see if you can find BL3 running. If you do, shut it down, then try relaunching it.

Thanks, but I have already tried this a hundred times. the multiple instance are showing up, but when I close one the entire borderlands file stops loading. I’m thinking that I might have to update my drivers at this point.

Did you find a fix for this?
I’m having the exact same issue and can’t find a fix anywhere.

Backup your save file, uninstall, reboot and install game again…it’s worth a shot!