Borderlands 3 (not tps) character ideas

i thought straight after i finished the story you should be able to play as every past playable character from borderlands 1,2 and TPS including DLC characters and yes, roland (he’s in the respawn system so technically still alive) with their original skill trees so people didnt have to come up with different specs plus 6 of the NPC characters tina, her action skill lets her pull out a giant hammer that you can add dynamite or elemental damge to with certain skills, hammerlock, would have an action skill similar to gaige, he summons multiple friendly bullymongs, moxxi, her action skill would be similar to thoughtlock except it would make anyone looking at you turn friendly for a certain time, torgue, his action skill would make him shout really loud which would do critical hit damage worth 200% of your melee damage (torgue would be the melee character), angel, her skill would be phaseshift which would let her spawn EXP loaders, hack into them and make them run into large crowds of enemies (if used while looking at a loader that loader is taken control of i.e a surveyor or a WAR loader) and DR.zed, his action skill would heal all team mates to full health and temporarily give massive health and shield recharge plus 4 bad guys that decided to become rich from vault hunting. Boom, his action skill would summon bewm for a period of time he would also be able to double jump with his jetpack, captain flynt, his action skill would let him pull out his pickaxe (the one with the huge knockback) and take less damage for a period of time, a maniac midget, his action skill would spawn a badass goliath, with dual assault rifles,that he could ride and laney white, her action skill would let her spawn the nine merry midgets to fight for her, they would spawn with random weapons each time they were summoned. Also because of the huge amount of characters it would be nice if online co-op was up to 10 players and instead of everyone having to be in the same area at once you could all split up into parties or go lone wolf and be in different areas at once also have multiple vaults before/after the main story vault, like side mission vaults, vaults opened with easter eggs or badass rank objectives i.e kill 10000 bandits to open a vault with a giant bandit mech boss. if you think of skill tree ideas post them 'cause i can’t think of any of them myself

I know your post isnt about TPS, but I’ve moved it frpm games and tech to the fan creation section of the most frequent Borderlands game, being TPS. Thereve been lots of other BL3 idea threads here.

thats cool i put it in the games and tech because i hadnt realized there was a fan creation section