Borderlands 3 not updating


I’m playing BL3 on PC using the Epic launcher, but I’ve noticed that updates take very long to apply to my game. I got the 1.01 patch (day one patch) after almost two weeks.
Same thing for the hot-fix, I left my game open in the main menu for 30min at least and it still did not apply the changes. I know that because when I got to Troy he was screaming like crazy.
Now, a new patch is live and my game is still at version 1.01 CL 2015653 (region EU, Romania).
Can you please help me with this?

I’ve checked and the hot-fix was applied, still I find it very weird that there’s not a more intuitive way to handle hot-fixes and updates. Not sure if Epic are partially to blame, but they should be held to a higher standard. Their launcher is way to problematic.

Thanks for the help!

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