Borderlands 3 on Epic Games - no achievements?

Do Epic Games not give any achievements for Borderlands 3 at all?
I assume not since I only get in-game achievements, which are separate from actual achievements.

Also, can I track in-game achievements? (e.g. 500 headshot kills with Dahl weapons)

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But no trophy-achievements so far for Epic, right?


That ■■■■■■■ sucks

I wouldn’t hold your breath, it was previously on >6 months card and then moved to future developments which tells you nothing

Why? What’s the benefit of having Steam-like achievements?

There’s no direct benefit other than I like to keep track of those things.
I like to see how much time I have invested in a game and I like to track my progress, and my achievements.

I’m not a trophy hunter at all but it’s still interesting. And it seems like such a basic feature to me anyway, so it’s odd it hasn’t been prioritized yet.

As long as I can keep track of my accomplishments in-game I don’t really care about some other service providing a list of my achievements for me. :slight_smile:

Good for you