Borderlands 3 on nvidia now

hello 2 k, i recentl joined nvidia now just so i could play borderlands 3 as my pc is a bit on the old side only having a nvidia 659 card, it woorked nicely and i did purchase the super deluxe edition on epic store, so you cant say you made nividia now take it off the site cause it was making you lose money, nvidia now is a great service for people like me who has an old pc with no means of upgrading it even in the distant future. please allow nvidia now to keep streaming it. you arent losing money cause people have to purchase the game before they can stream it.


Estoy de acuerdo contigo, el juego es de nosotros, lo que nos renta Nvdia Now es un equipo remoto, si ya pagué por mi juego, que más quieren, pinches avaros