Borderlands 3 on Stadia (+trading maybe)

Since there’s no category for trading on Stadia I’m just gonna make a thread.
A) who’s on Stadia except me?
B) do you have M10 gear?
B1) M10 (redundant) Reflux with 150/50 anoint
B2) M10 redistributor with 150/50 anoint
B3) M10 Monarch with 150/50 anoint
B4) radiation old god shield with any ASE anoint
B5) transformer shield with any ASE anoint
B6) deathless artifacts with a lot of damage rolls

I sent you a friend request. I play a fair bit on all vault hunters on M10 and have a bad habit of collecting too much. Hit me up some time and maybe we can run some stuff or trade.

Awesome, I’m usually online for 22-1 GMT, we’ll see what we can do, I have Zane with really good gear, and unoptimized Moze.

This has nothing to do with your post but do u know if stadia borderlands addition is up to date?

It is. I have all DLCs and have gotten all hotfixes the minute they were live.

Might just be me but I can’t do anything with more on mayhem 10 and I tried sniper build a, splash build, and dos buislidk what’s happening


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You could go for an iron bear build. That’s the easiest way to play the game right now. It’s best to search for builds in the Moze section.
If you don’t want to. Here’s the short version of the auto dakka bear version.
Spec for auto bear and dakka bear as well as iron bear damage, uptime and cooldown.
Equip double nuke on iron bear.
Equip rocketeer class mod and plus ultra shield on Moze and let the bear do the work.