Borderlands 3 on the nintendo switch (please)

I’ve been a borderlands fan as soon as it came out and honestly borderlands 2 is the best game in the world and I’m sure borderlands 3 will be better but I don’t have a ps4 or xbox one and I’m not going to get one it’s too expensive. I do have a laptop but it won’t be able to handle borderlands 3 sadly. Because of this all I have that I’ll have to get it on the switch but according to the E-shop and this website it wont come out on the switch so please release it on the switch gearbox and if anyone agrees with this reply to this.


Yes, we need this also we need cross platform online

I’m not sure the Switch will even be able to run it, hardwarewise

The Switch had 4 ARM Cortex cores while Xbox and PS have 8 AMD Jaguar
Switch has 256 Nvidia Cuda while PS has 768x AMD and Xbox has 1152 AMD
Switch has a clockspeed of 1020 Mhz, PS has 1600, Xbox has 1750
Switch has 4 Gb RAM, Xbox and PS have 8 Gb

If it does run, it probably won’t be a smooth experience

(Compare it to BL2 on a PS3/360 vs the PS Vita: It’s playable, yes, and fun, but not comparable in smoothness)

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Also, this:

" Borderlands 3 will likely follow the precedent of previous games in the series and release on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but could we see a Borderlands 3 Switch port? The answer is most likely no, at least in the short term, as the Gearbox CEO tweeted in the past that talks with Nintendo had never come to fruition. According to the tweet, there was an interest in porting Borderlands to the Switch from Gearbox’s side, but Nintendo had “other priorities” during these talks."