Borderlands 3, opinions after 80 hours of gameplay (Spoilers)

I’ve beaten the game 3 times now, got 3 characters to level 50 and grinded loot till i have no room to store it anymore, here are my opinions on borderlands 3.
i’m not going to be talking about bugs and what not, because that much is already obvious and is most likely already being worked on.

  1. The campaign was long, but felt short at the same time. i pondered why i felt like this, i feel it’s because the story has too many subplots, and not much of it focuses on the main plot and only small bits of it feature the Calypso’s, the games supposed to be main villians, hell the game tells you very little even about them. there isn’t much main character dialogue either, and fan favorite characters like Tina, Brick and Ol’ Mordie don’t get much of anything at all. I consider main plots, to be about the calypso’s and whats actually going on, i don’t consider the fact that you are going to different planets to collect vault key parts, all that does is push you into the side plots.
    i hope in future DLC the characters get more dialogue and the story has more main plot and not just bloated up in size by its subplots.

  2. Ok, this one is two things that are twined together, both creature and enemy locations, area variety and density.
    The game feels smaller then Borderlands 2, when i’m sure it’s bigger in size. i’m pretty sure i feel this way because of how the maps are designed, they are largely big, and largely empty. each planets locations are largely similar to each other, all of Pandora’s locations look pretty much the same. Promethea probably has the most varied, but still largely similar maps. Eden has varied landscapes but it still all feels the same, and we didn’t get to see much of Athenas. the Eridian Home World all looks the same pretty much. it doesn’t have much variety like borderlands 2 had IMO, it sorely lacks interesting places like the caustic caverns, the wild life exploitation preserve, Eridium blight, and quite a few others.
    The maps also feels largely empty with few area’s with creatures to fight, most of it is empty, there is like only a few area’s in the entire game with each creature, you mostly only see Ratch and Edens Dino’s for the majority. i hope that in future DLC they add more side places to explore, fight creatures and farm interesting bosses that drop interesting loot.

  3. loot.
    Loot feels great, better then ever, but it comes to a point when it’s far too common to get good loot, and absolutely ruins the replayability. In only 2 hours of playing Mayham 3 i have already filled my character and vault with level 50 Legendaries, Anointed gear, good Class Mods and Artifacts not a single duplicate. Drop rates on Mayham need to be drastically reduced, it seriously kills the games longevity when you get constant, and i mean constant Legendaries and really powerful gear. and on that note, there needs to be more vault space, in BL2 each character had their own vault space, were as in BL3 it’s a shared vault space which maxes out at 50, that whole 50 gets full super fast once you’ve reached maxed level.
    Another thing about Legendaries that erks me is that most of them don’t tell you what they do, which can get super annoying, not to mention some of them are far too OP, looking at you Flakker and Laser-sploder, and most of them are extremely weak.
    Weapons and grenades elemental effect damage and proc chance is super unbalanced, you can get anywhere from a gun that does at level 50 161 damage a second with a 6% proc chance, to a gun that does over 3000 damage a second with a over 80% proc chance, it’s stupidly broken and can get super OP, i have a cryo grenade that does 1643% cryo, i got a Maliwan radiation shotgun at level 30 that had a 93% proc chance and did over 1000 damage a second, i only had to shoot any normal or badass enemy once.
    Some weapons types are much more powerful then others for example, Jakobs Shotgun, Hyperion Smg and Maliwan Shotguns, the rest are quite underpowered compared to most of these, i have had a few Vladof Pistols that are quite strong, but they all chew through bullets too fast to be really viable in most scenarios. Some Atlas weapons are quite cheesy aswell, i have this one Atlas AR that does 903x2 for only one bullet and has a fairly fast fire rate and decent mag size, which is quite alot of damage. this is only in my experience, yours may have been different to mine.

  4. Bosses.
    Borderlands 3 has some good bosses, don’t get me wrong. but what i miss about Borderlands 2 is the cool and unique world bosses like Vermivorous the Invincible( may be in BL3, but with how few vorkids there are it’d take ages to spawn it), Blue Crystalisk, Rakkman, Terramorphous The Invincible, Voracidous The Invincible, Black Queen, Donkey Mong, King Mong, SATURN, and the list goes on and on. I hope in future DLC they add more unique and cool Bosses/MiniBosses like these.
    Borderlands 3 has alot of Minibosses, but all of them just feel like regular enemies, it does have a few interesting hidden bosses like one punch man, haven’t discovered any others though.
    on this topic, i hope all of the mini bosses have unique legendary drops exclusive to them, haven’t really looked into this yet.

  5. Quality of life improvements.
    This game has a few things that could use a major quality of life improvement.
    It would be nice to be able to start your second character once you’ve beaten the game in UVH mode to level them faster, it takes a long while to level and it gets extremely boring.
    Another much loved quality of life improvement would be the ability to skip cutscenes and possibly dialogue.
    Being able to create skill and gear loadouts would be a very much beloved feature.
    Being able to see a players level without having to go to the menu would be nice as well.
    It would be a nice addition to be able to view someones character loadout without needing them to be on your friends list.

overall, i’m loving Borderlands 3, but i feel that in someways it’s inferior to its predecessor, and i feel if it could make up for these short comings it could be an absolutely amazing game.

i’ll probably edit this more as i think of new things.


80 hours? in 6 days. that is 13 hours of gameplay a day.

3 times, 3 characters. that is six playthroughs, you must be a speed demon. you should submit your runs in here

not really a speed demon, i just no life’d the game for 6 days.

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I love the loot drops in mayhem mode level 3… You grind that hard to kill just one enemy, you deserve good gear. Loved the story, too… Don’t forget, there are 4 DLC packs coming as well as many other add-ons… I can’t wait to see what else is out there for BL3.

Please use spoiler tags when discussing locations and such. There may be people here who‘ve not yet reached certain areas.

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I agree with you on points 1 and 2.

Personally I felt the writers had an uphill task to fit so many characters and subplots - as well as locations into one game that is supposed to (I’m assuming) similar in gameplay length to BL2. If they had fleshed it out completely, maybe the campaign is too long.

In BL1 and BL2, it was an all game affair to unlock one vault - compared to this where we opened several. Again in the previous two games (excluding TPS here) we spent most of the time in Pandora - so it was always going to be difficult to do justice to visiting 3 new planets.

Dropping into Eden-6 for example, you could have thought it was just another area in Pandora - it didn’t have that different planet feel - sorry hard to describe

The strongpoint of BL3 I feel is the characters and skill trees are developed well. I have immensely enjoyed playing Moze so far. Can’t judge the endgame yet - but certainly nice to see they have it in mind, compared to tacking on UVHM in the previous iteration.