Borderlands 3 Original Character Ideas

I would like new character ideas (just speculation of course) for Borderlands 3 now that its confirmed. Please no previous characters made vault hunters(not that i’m against that).

I would like a melee only vault hunter. Their gameplay and masteries could be modeled like the psycho but no guns. Of course they could use guns, but they specialize in a new loot type…melee. They could add swords, axes, hammers, and other melee weapons styled with various eras of weapons IE Bushido, knight, laser swords. The new weapons would also be viable to other vault hunters but the real benefits would be reaped by the melee hunter. They could also be interchangeable in roles. They could have more survivability or more damage. More speed run or more stealth.

Jane/John Doe
skills: 4/5 points in fleet foot gives 25% speed when using melee weapon
5/5 points in Bladed fury gives 35% dmg with melee but -35% in ranged
2/5 points titanium spirit gives 10% increase in health but -5% in attack speed (replaces fire rate for melee)
3/5 points in heavy handed gives -5% in hit chance but 15% damage
Bodacious Body Carver
Damage: 1234
Hit chance: 96.8%
attack speed:4.8
Rdm element chance 9.6%
element dmg/sec 198

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