Borderlands 3 Patch [12/12/2019]

I super appreciate the steady improvements to split screen UI performance. Thanks for all the hard work, keep it up y’all!


Please @Noelle_GBX Report the headcount bug with rakk attack! and the rakk pakk mod crashing the game to the team :frowning:


I hope changes to mayhem are still coming. Better drop rates from dedicated sources would be appreciated as well


Thank goodness

This is great! However, is there any timeline on when we could get the text size increased so we can actually read the item cards on split screen?


I would like to direct your attention to this threads below to get feedback from the community regarding the state of M4 loot and game loot in general

Dedicated Loot Pools Miss The Mark Borderlands 3 General Discussion

Update: 166 M4 solo Zane runs, 13.87% GR luck and loaded dice, no Deathgrip on PS4. I never ended up finding it either. Thanks @Mahtyo for sending me one. So I’ve always been a fan of world drops over dedicated loot so I’m a bit biased. I have never enjoyed quit resetting maps to farm the same enemy all day to get an item and rather do a variety of content and find the item. That’s personal preference and everyone is going to be different on that matter. My issue is that with the implementati…

Trial Bosses As The Dedicated Loot Source For Legendary Class Mods is Bad Design: Here is Why Borderlands 3 General Discussion

I want to preface this post with a disclaimer: I am not saying, I want to the best things in the game to be handed to me. This is not a plea from the lazy or unskilled. Putting Class Mods in there current state behind Trial Bosses is bad from a design standpoint, and I will explain why. I will also offer an alternative suggestion at the end. back story: The community has been heavily testing what bosses drop what gear, and the conclusion is that legendary class mods are dedicated to trial boss…

Both Threads have 40+ likes respectively. The most I’ve seen on non-developer posts. One touches broader issues with dedicated loot drops while the other tackles design problems behind placing certain items on unreasonable loot sources

Love this new hotfix from a game fixing perspective but now it’s time to tackle some design mistakes!

Edit: I eagerly await the next patch


Okay but gearbox why havent you fixed the day one issue of LOSING ALL FAST TRAVEL LOCATIONS AND PLANETS. Logged in today to finish chapter 12 and for some reason no long have any planets at all to fast travel to… also lost every single fast travel station. Gotta play the game a 3rd time on this character now?? (Console xbox)


Thanks Gearbox!

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It caused an issue where some functionality could be lost and the UI would stay on the screen.


This is a huge fix, I didnt expect G ranks to be fixed so soon AND the updated weapons on COV badasses is very much appreciated. Fantastic work GBX!


We still have Mayhem 2.0 coming next year and are looking into drop rates for the future! :slight_smile:


I guess more waiting for Fl4k’s skills to be fixed. So many of them don’t work or have something wrong with them.

Also the Rakk Pak mod crashing my game isn’t fun since I can’t even use it as much as I’d like.

Maybe next year…


The Recursion is dead, is no-one sad??!


This patch seems great! Stainless steel bear IB damage bonus and Guardian ranks working again were on top of my list !

Sucks Desperate Measures still doesn’t seem to work with IB right arm though?

My main concern is if the patch broke something that we will find out very soon. The Guardian rank bonuses bug was a night mare

But good solid patch GBX keep it up !


Looks like the team has been really busy, appreciate the work and looking forward to playing again.

@Noelle_GBX any chance we could get some clarification on the dates the Maliwan Takedown will be scaling to party size? It was previously said ‘end of the month’ - I may be speaking only for myself, but I’ll actually be working the Christmas holiday so I’ll be out of town visiting family from the 27th thru the first. Is there any chance the scaling will apply in the new year as well? Thanks for any clarification you can provide.


So is the NOG mission fixed yet? I want to get the NOG head for my characters.


Too busy mourning The Butcher, which it’s become clear was intentionally nerfed.


We’re aware and are looking into it. If you haven’t, it’s always helpful for us for you to fill out a ticket at!


Still expected to see some character buffs in this patch, but maybe the new gear from DLC1 will help in the meanwhile. I also really hope we’ll see an increase in dedicated loot drop rates as well as a solution for the rare spawn situation. Other than that, it seems like a pretty good patch!

Appreciate the heads up. Just knowing that the team is aware of the issues is enough to ease my anxiety. Thanks.