Borderlands 3 Patch [12/12/2019]

Alright I know that this thread will be read through entirely by Gearbox employees such as @Noelle_GBX which is why I want to give some criticism regarding the Maliwan Takedown.

First of all, I think that the Maliwan Takedown in and of itself is a great addition to the game and offers more content than some other companies offer for cash, so yeah, I really like it and it’s difficulty. It’s hard, but fair. For the most part at least.

But there is one thing that drives me crazy and that is the way the restricted respawns punish you for falling to your death, the arena in which we fight against the Valkyrie Squad is the worst offender by far. We have 2 vault hunters in the game that profit heavily from increased speed and the arena itself has enemies that ram you, so why on Earth is it possible to fall to your death in this arena? It doesn’t really feel fair when it happens as more often than not it’s just a thing of bad luck and not really a problem of personal performance. Other than that there are no unfair challenges in the Takedown, but this one flaw makes it feel unfair sometimes. I would really appreciate it if there was something to be done to prevent such random deaths. Not everywhere, but the Valkyrie’s arena really needs it in my opinion.

Thanks again for your hard work and for listening to the community.

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Semi-random thought, but someone noted that being in the XBox Insiders Program created an issue with this particular patch. Are you in that program?

Hi! :grin:

I’m slowly getting to my advice. You can quit now if you are not interested. :grin:

… Almost there :grin:

Move slower. And to quote the great and insane Ra’s al Ghul, “mind your surroundings”.

Bye! :grin:

Haha, not helpful if half a dozen enemies are able to launch you to your death :wink:

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That wouldn’t surprise me, there’s a reason I left the insider program, it caused so much grief.


As someone who runs MT regularly as Zane (I think he is 1 of the 2 vh u were referring to) I’ve NEVER fallen off. And that’s not accidental. I’ve watched people fall off and decided to avoid certain areas to prevent that from happening to me. So on a regular basis I follow the same advice I’ve given you. :grin:

Sure and honestly falling because of carelessness is not my problem, but I don’t know how often I got launched by a shielded enemy or 1 of the Valkyries and have fallen to death that way as my increased speed basically threw me off. Don’t get me wrong, there are worse punishments and mechanics, but as characters tend to get more floaty the faster they are, the more control is lost once you get hit. I have safed myself with slams a few times, but that’s unfortunately not always possible.

Although I guess that Amara struggles a bit more from this issue than Zane, as she easily surpasses the 200% speed and more.

I’ve been pushed off a couple of times while in the animation to get in and out of Moze’s mech where you have no control of your character at all…so I feel your pain. After the first time, I decided to stand closer to the center but there are times where they get uncomfortably close. I can understand getting pushed around while moving, but getting pushed around while in Moze’s animation is stupid.

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Yes I am. Strange if that is the minor thing creating this issue

It’s happened several times in the past with other BL games. It gets sorted out sooner or later, but sometimes it takes a few reports to MS for them to get enough data on the issue to figure out the problem.

Here is hoping the DLC update lets me play.
Been dying to play gearbox, I’m a sucker and I’m still buying the DLC with a game that wont start

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It still wasn’t working right on xbox, dunno about other platforms. But last weeks patch fixed it anyway .

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this patch totally destroyed ability to fast travel as hud areas outside of view for 32:9 screen, so i am stuck and cant go no place exciting lol

some reason they have magnified the hud area when tab is pushed.
game currently unusable.

Hi Noelle,
This was fixed, last weekend I muled the contents of my bank from my main character. 20-30-40 loads. I’m not exactly sure, but there were a LOT :smiley:
All done with no drama.
Since the latest patch & DLC (which is awesome btw. Loaders & maniac cl4ppy’s really make it feel like BL) it’s happened the odd time. Nowhere near as often as before. Same story, might go to a vendor, safe, echo menu etc, any action that changes the display seems to trigger it, but only sometimes. Thanks

Hi Stephen!

I have the same issue that you do so I made a video for you explaining how to work around it. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so moving pictures and the sound of my voice has to be worth at least ten thousand! :grin:

Hopefully the HD render will be available by the time you see this. :grin:


EDIT [oh shoot x marks the spot lol] x got me in thanks heaps

Thanks so much for making the effort, seems i cannot zoom out either. I can zoom out very very slowly then it stops. This is screenshot of max zoom out.

Actually, I am stuck in Sanctuary and Boom Boom Boomtowen arrgggggghhhh
It was fine till it updated the other day, Wish i could roll back. Changing res every-time is not very attractive.

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So I’m guessing there won’t be any further patching until next year, which is fine and understandable.

I dunno what the current roadmap looks like, but I really hope that there aren’t plans to bring out any other new content until the next DLC, which would presumably be in about 3 months, so they can focus on fixes and performance improvements.

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays everyone.


Im still having issues with “in the shadow of starlight quest” there is no dialogue when I get to the Eden-6 pedestal even though objective box is checked, I tried leaving the map and returning, and downloaded previous saved data from online and, in both cases typhon disappears, along with map marker

BL3 is crashing my Xbox One X when I try to join a my friend.

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there is an issue with fl4k st4ckbot and the anointment consecutive hits, u dont get both stacking, seem to have same damage as before when i only had one of em (almost exact same item so the consecutive hits would be a big jump in dmg)