Borderlands 3 - Patch and Hotfix [06/25/2020] - Bounty of Blood DLC and Phase II of Mayhem 2.0 Updates

Can’t wait for people to figure out what they stealth nerfed… it’s not like GBX to release a patch that doesn’t nerf some fun weapon. FISHY! I got my eye on you!


LMAO, Ya’ll thought gearbox wasn’t paying attention.

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@Noelle_GBX Back in the November patch when GB buffed pets, the new scaling formula was included in the patch notes. Any chance we can see the new formula before the patch hits?


Doesnt make sense. They do realize that the monarch is the good vladof assault rifle? Shreddifier? Lucians call? Damned? Faisor? Nope. Maybe the boom sickle is okay. That’s it.

The other vladof assault rifles should have been buffed as well.


What do you mean it makes perfect sense lol

Can we please get details on how Short Fuse was changed?

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No HUD-scale fix? As expected. Back to a good game, FH4 in my case.


Probably removed Iron Bear damage from the formula.

Before everyone is concerned-- it’s still getting scaled damage!
These had to be scaled differently than the other action skills because of how strong they are, but they are still receiving a buff today.


Now im hype. Immediately trying melee shotgun amara

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So looking forward to playing around and seeing if clone and drone are now more viable as damage options.

Many thanks gb and keep up the good work.

Thank you thank you thank you for this!

Now if we could just read the text that was on split-screen :wink:


Expect to be underappreciated for your hard work. Everything looks good to me, really excited about the DLC and level cap increase. I’m now pouring over what to build Moze into now. You still got a strong fan base and we appreciate your efforts.

Yeah, I just wanted clarification on this part :crying_cat_face:
Since there are no numbers or deep explanation I was hoping for at least some info on how they are different now. I can imagine that since they are getting a boost with the scaled action skill damage they had to be tuned, but I was curious as to how they were changed. I mean, it’s a matter of hours before the community crunches the numbers anyway.

That is, if you are allowed to give info about it. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to understand how much you can “spill the beans” to us.

edit: english is hard, damn.


@Noelle_GBX No Hud / Fov fix? Are you guys even aware of that? Just say we’re working on it :wink:

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hm, no vladof AR buffs
sad xD
also no torgue shotguns and ARs
redline still in the dust, try-bolt still useless

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And so it begins.


Didn’t see the damage on shields (novas, spikes, etc - both affixes or legendary effects) mentioned as scaling with Mayhem. Guess we’ll see later today.

I am looking forward to grenades potentially being viable again as a damage source, as a Moze main.

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Vladof and Torgue are my favorite ARs.

I so miss the Shredifier & Faisor.
Laser Sploder & Alchemist.


Would it ever be possible for you guys to post the official damage formula as well as what skills fall into what category?