Borderlands 3 - Patch and Hotfix [07/23/2020]

Whoever thought that this was a good idea has a very poor understanding of the game (to put it mildly). It is especially disappointing to see the devs acting on such poorly thought-out feedback. Not only does this anointment have to compete vs. stuff like 200% gun damage or 1XX% bonus elemental damage anointments it does completely neglectable amounts of damage now which is, given the fact that even basic trash mobs on M10 have up to 10M HP (+ shield), completely unacceptable. It needed the damage scaling to be viable and was where is should be. Seeing changes like this which are not only pointless but also have a negative impact on the game really makes it seem like the devs don’t know what they’re doing.


Some quest rewards can’t come anointed… dunno if that’s simply a bug or intentional. (I’ve always wanted a Cure shotty with a FL4K anointment, but alas…)

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I noticed that too. I think it depends on whether the reward was annointable in the first place or not

I think you forgot something :joy:. Yes the patch is installed.


Some Mission rewards are specific guns and do not have anointments.


Hey everyone, we’re aware that the listed anointments flagged for removal are still dropping in-game and are looking into it!


Glad to see it is a full patch, and not just hotfixes.

I tend to play offline, and only play online sparingly via mobile hotspot.

That said, it would be good to know the size of the Patches before going online again, so I can decide whether to hold off or not.

Knowing the patch is 4.9GB after the fact means either exhausting my data to make the game playable again, or my game is unplayable “Update Required” and having to wait to DL when I can get to Wifi or my plan rolls over in 2 weeks. So, maybe listing the size in the Patch Notes at the beginning would be nice for us players with limited data.

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Is there a list I can see on which Mission rewards are and aren’t capable of being anointed?

Only one I know 100% can be is the Pipe Bomb since I’ve seen it myself. But what are the others? Just so I can know what I can/can’t get.

Leg mode on the gun gun will drop red text uniques too (just got a road warrior)

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Seems to be that quest rewards that come in 100% fixed parts can’t come anointed (since what gives an item a mayhem level is actually a “hidden” part.)

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Now starting menu shows NEWS at bottom left with “Borderlands 3 Hotfixes: July 23, 2020”.

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Heck is on the fast travel, haha

So… post-patch, hotfix applied.

Agonizer 9000 just dropped me:

Rebel Yell

All in the same kill.

And ZERO dedicated drops, since the Update and Hotfix were downloaded and applied.

NONE of that junk was dropping yesterday.



First time checking Veteran Rewards machine.

Level 60 Mayhem 10 Whispering Ice grenade and Overflowing Moxxi’s Embrace shield.


If you are not going to return the HUD SCALING setting back in the video options , can you tell me WHY it was taken away in the first place.

All these patches later and many still cannot play this game. I bought the full package; yet have not been able to play since Guardian Takedown when you removed the scaling setting.

A Straight Answer Please…


I just had a major download, it says hotfixed applied at the loading screen, and I have other stuff working, like legendary items in vendormachines.
But It would be cool if the patch is not fully applied.

So um… Is the Veteran Rewards change supposed to only apply to the item of the day while the rest is still useless world drops?


Either run in TVHM or take TVHM to sanctuary.

Whenever you need ammo or do an item bank, switch to the other mode that puts you in sanctuary, do your deal, then switch back to the other mode to continue farming


The fun is in the discovery. I’m sure the well known google doc will be edited eventually, but GB has not released the specifics so content creators can post vids of what drops are where. Free promotion.

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