Borderlands 3 - Patch and Hotfix [07/23/2020]

Nope, it means there’s a chance that one is there in the small selection of items they choose to display at a time and the pool appears to include every quest reward item and not just the red text items we’d be interested in.

Lot of stuff. My eyes started crossing as I was reading. Guess I’ll just play as normal

I didn’t say Clone needed a nerf. I said the Clone / OPQ interaction needed a nerf; it was well-deserved. It wasn’t just a little OP, it was gamebreaking in its power. Just switching from OPQ to another weapon like Lightshow and you could see a substantial drop in power.

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I’d suggest people test things first, I just ran the clone through a few maps and he still annihilates, including with the OPQ. Didn’t notice much of any difference to be honest - might do on the raids but he was still matching and probably outdoing my dps - especially as he can still aim and switch targets much faster than my poor human faculties can.


Overall I like everything implemented in here and cannot wait for more.

The mission reward vending machine is a great addition and would like to know if it is possible in the future to implement one in each of the 4 main dlcs?

Always wanted to see the bad boy Fabricator back in action and even if only offfers world drops and some mission rewards from the base game, after all dlcs release would like the Fabricator drop legendaries and mission rewards matching the dlc map to where the player travels.

The anointments, guess this decision was for the best.
However if the enemies are adjusted, mayhem weapon scaling weren’t a thing and the game balanced more around assistance by discovering methods to overcome the battlefield rather than push and force us to use only damage increase, I believe there could be more room for diversity rather what we got. It is more simple, straightforward, filling the end game just right and while it serves its purpose, but to me damage increase anointments doesn’t provide nothing more than just seeing your equipped gear rise, nothing new or creative. Just my opinion.
If the balance would turn like above, damage increase anointments would be great but not mandatory. My suggestion would be lowering as max as possible the damage ones and introducing ones surrounding the VH more like the ASA blasting novas and ASE life steal, VHs skills and pets/gadjets/Mech. Just my thoughts.

Regardless of that, now with those anointments out of the way farming will be less frustrating.
Its a very awesome update, keep the good work and thank you.

@EldeeFifty posted a video showing that the clone is still usable post patch which is a relief for me. I am enjoying clone/drone but I was not using OPQ. Clone is prowerful on his own and based on that video he still seems to be.


While the veteran’s reward machine is a very nice addition, the implementation is fairly horrible and makes it seem like GBX deliberately misunderstood why the players wanted it.

There’s nobody out there who is desperate for some level 60 m10 of a random green gun they got in the first few levels, people want it for red text items that turn out to have a hidden bonus that helps to define a build and there’s more than enough of those to keep the machine filled without having to pad it out with the trash rewards too.

The other nasty surprise for us is obviously that it is only main game rewards that can possibly appear in it too, when the most desirable items are dlc rewards and if it was not possible to restrict dlc weapons from appearing in the sanctuary machine for everyone, add a veteran machine to each dlc so that we can get the items we most want such as a well-rolled pearl etc.


Is this fix supposed to cause that anointment to do 130% damage as the card used to indicate?

I just had it drop on an Oldridian and the text says 40%.

Which value is intended? 130 or 40?


Edit: Photo added to document potential issue.

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Half the fun of patch day is figuring out what’s been broken and what hasn’t happened at all


So instead of fixing this you guys just changed the numbers on the card? Awesome! You might want to say that instead of leading us to believe it was fixed. It kept getting buffed to be in line with other anointments and I just kept hoping it would be viable and actually do 130% rad damage on action skill end eventually. Either fix this to be in line with other anointments or just flipping remove it! Don’t lead us to believe it’s been fixed when instead of fixing it you just change the display on the card. Grrrrrr


Loot is cute, but I’m psyched to have regular access to some more named bosses.

Holy crap - I love these anointments on certain gear, and it sounds like they just a lot more rare. :grimacing:


HUD-scale slider is back, but still does nothing.
At least the menus in 21:9 are fixed.

Why I am not surprised that you would be one of the few users to enjoy those anoints? Sorry for your loss, but not really sorry to see those anoints go the way of the Dodo. :wink:

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Heh - as much as my selfish concern here is that if there’s another level cap increase, those weapons are forever trapped at their current level (I do have most of them at level 60), I get and have no problem with them thinning this pool accordingly, given that few others seemed to use them.

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The extra projectiles gimmick is now entirely gone, which greatly saddens me. The only time I have ever truly enjoyed Zane was with a build that focused upon the Seventh Sense, Hyperfocus and the Conductor class mod and extra projectiles. Now, it would seem in order to effectively to balance one gun, they have effectively nerfed a large collection of guns and removed one of the most enjoyable ways to build vault hunters. The red text of the ION Cannon comes to mind :cold_sweat:


I’m not sure this is a good move for anointments in the long run. Basically none of the QoL anointments are worth using because they are just blown out of the water by +xxx% damage. Things like greatly increased accuracy and handling, reload bonuses, novas, damage reduction, move speed etc. are what I feel anointments should be. Nice bonuses that promote searching for that better version of a legendary without completely overshadowing the legendary itself.

I’ve always thought if the game needs +300% damage then it’s fundamentally unbalanced at its core.

Legendaries should be legendary because of their unique and interesting mechanics that can be built around and exploited by finding a great combination of weapons and gear - not because their damage is being massively boosted to keep up with power creep.


It’s been working on XB1. The only thing is you need to obtain the bounty from someone else first - just discovering and killing the target during regular play doesn’t do it.

I’ve always been confused as to why sometimes this anointment says “Anointed Siren” and other times not. Is it possible that the fix is 40% when the anointment drops for all VHs and 130% when it drops for Siren only?

Edit: Nope, both versions (or, as noted below, could be the same version with the text just not fitting on the card) now state 40%.

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I thought it was always Siren only, just often it gets pushed off the card due to space?

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Extra projectiles gone. So gutted, I might go and play other games for a while.