Borderlands 3 - Patch and Hotfix [07/23/2020]

I don’t think they have gone entirely. I thought they just limited ricochets to 4 times?

The patch notes say that but from testing it isn’t happening at all

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No, the reason why the “QoL anointments” are unused isn’t because “they are just blown out of the water by +xxx% damage” but because they’re bad at what they’re trying to do and this goes not only for anointments but also for special effects in general. No one uses Moxxi weapons not because they lack damage but because their gimmick doesn’t deliver. Weapons like the Kyb’s Worth need to be more in what they’re trying to do otherwise they will always be overshadowed by whatever does more damage.

Same with some of the more gimmicky anointments. The nova anointment, one of the few gimmick anointments which (while being outperformed by the +XXX% damage stuff) was at least viable, got nerfed because GB decided to once aggain limit divercity by listening to what I can only assume to be a miniscule minority DMing the devs for nerfs they semselfs never bothered to openly argue for.

I dont know. Tried it for a few minutes then quit the game. Pretty much nothing happening.


Clone is still doing way to much damage. I feel like I’m locked in a party with someone using modded guns. There has to be some way to tone down the clone to a 2x -3x damage multiplier instead of a 5x - 10x multiplier. Clone without double barrel feels almost right. Can’t I just get that kind of damage while also having access to the utility of different legendary modifiers double barrel gives me?

Time to kill needs a major re-balance in general along with a few more gun manufacturer re-balances, but I would settle for the Clone not playing the game for me in the meantime.

If you come across any red-text, level 60 gear with this airborne/sliding anointment (especially since the fix doesn’t seem to quite have removed them yet), please send it my way. :smiley:

Does that require joining another player’s game to get it, or is it dropped from NPCs? I still haven’t gotten any side quests for them in…The Lodge…

Someone on your friends list has to kill the target(s), most likely while you are also signed in. If you need it I can try and set up a run specifically for that - it doesn’t take too long. Send me a PM with your GT (you said XBox, right?)

Whatever they said, all extra projectile mechanics are now gone from the game. It’s honestly the saddest nerf in a long time.


Possibly the single biggest and widest reaching one too - I think people are underestimating it’s impact for now.


My point was why does it matter–I just don’t get how things “break the game.” E.g. before the original buff it would take me 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes to complete the Maliwan Takedown on MH 10–that was not fun for me and I rarely did it despite wanting to–it just took too long. Then with the buff and having the clone use the OPQ it took 10 minutes. Now I was finally enjoying the game–I was having fun-- I don’t see how that makes the game broken. A game isn’t broken b/c certain aspects are now easier. Enemies that simply absorb bullets and just take time to kill break the game. Bosses with immunity phases that serve no purpose other than to make the fight take longer break the game.

In any case, my view is every single change should be made with the goal of making the game more fun–so my question is how does reducing the damage output make the game more fun? Factually, all this means is that it takes more bullets and thus more time to kill something----how is the game better because of that?

For those who just want the game to be as hard as possible, use white gear only and let the rest of us sail through with the OPQ.

In the end, all they do is limit the number of guns people can use. Does anyone still use the Yellow Cake? It was cool, now it’s unusable. I know they can’t do this with Cartel items as they’re no longer available but for other gear, people who don’t like “OP” guns can use a lower version of it–take your non mayhem version of a gun into battle and let me use the OP MH 10 version.


It’s a huge part of the meta not just balanced, but removed. Our only hope is that this is not the change they intended and they will bring about something closer to what they described in the future - limiting the number of extra projectiles but not totally removing them. Honestly, I’m thinking about playing another game until my feelings cool off about this one.

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  1. On Action Skill End, 30% of damage taken is returned to the attacker for a short time.

-there goes my survivability builds. This is a key ASE anointment ive been using on almost every single shield i own. This is a very sad loss.

  1. While an Action Skill is Active, reduce all incoming damage by a small amount.

-again survivability builds losing out here. Another great anointment kiaboshed here. This ones another ive on a bunch of sheilds and some snipers for those pin point crit hits and no need to worry about downs. Another sad loss.

  1. On Action Skill End, Movement speed is increased by 5% for a short time.

-this one just added an extra layer of speed for those i gotta get it cleared map sessions… it was helpful to a certain extent. Still will be missed.

  1. On Action Skill End, Critical Damage is increased by 25% for a short time

-BOOO My Fl4k is unhappy. So is my Amara. So am I. This one was a great anointment as well one used quite frequently by myself. I wish is was ASA crit not ASE… but its dead now in the water.

Some sad losses. Afew other tweaks that im in the air about but ive not been able to get on yet to test personally…

But this new vending machine…what a joke. It a good first attempt. And i HOPE TO ALL GOODNESS it gets the attention it needs… lol ive already seen a few videos that just made me laugh. Regardless. We are inna state of game play now where fun can be had again. I just hope we keep down this path and do not stray into nerf-topia the paradise of no fun nerf tactics. Not the plush suction cup shooters either. PEW PEW! looking forward to the update when i get home. Stay safe. Be well.

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So with the named locations fixed, once I download the update the trophy Master of All You Survey should be unlocked for me right?

Now that I have tested the Recursion on my Fl4k that has all the gear to make it as good as it could ever be I can safely say: Rest in Peace you poor little piece of gear. Even with 4 elements the Recursion just doesn’t really ricochet anymore, I’m lucky if I get 3 hits out of a shot. This pretty much kills the gun. And if the damage mechanics really have been reworked in the way it looks right now it might not even be possible to restore the gun to a playable state without completely changing the way it works. You could buff it’s base damage to an insanely degree to make every ricochet worth a kill, but that would still not really be the Recursion for me.

This brings up a real problem Borderlands 3 has had since launch and that even the older games suffered from: The difference in power between PC and consoles. I know for a fact that the current consoles suffer from multi-projectile gun usage due to their low power. Maybe it’s finally time to put out different patches for consoles and PC to respect the difference in power. I don’t think that the change to projectiles was needed for PC, but the consoles players might need it (my “resumé” on this: I played every Borderlands game on a base model PS4 for way more hours than I should have the time for).


Or just do as the patch notes indicate and limit the ricochets without eliminating them entirely - the notes did say 4 reflections.

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Trust me, us console players are upset about it too and would happily accept the frame rate issues back for weapons working properly. Besides, anyone wishing to complain need only look a few months ahead to see next gen consoles coming out.


I’m really hoping that’s what they meant to do and this is unintentional. It would be a glorious moment if they returned these weapons in the future.

So they didn’t really fix it. This achievement is a simple “find X and kill it”. It shouldn’t require multiple, unwritten steps to achieve it. By default, the mission quests should appear whenever you find them, or are in the area. You shouldn’t need to join another party to get this done because it’s not an achievement that requires multiple players for credit.

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I switched over just a bit over a month ago as I finally got my new PC and I absolutely know that the Recursion tore the consoles a new one with it’s projectiles, but I think that some of the legendary guns that were used with bonus projectiles will now need a buff to be useful again. Maybe slightly increase the amount of projectiles to 6 and then buff the Recursion as it took the biggest hit by far with this fix. It needs at least twice it’s current damage to be even remotely worth using on Mayhem 10. And pretty much all “Call” weapons will now need a buff, especially the King’s and Queens Call.

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