Borderlands 3 - Patch and Hotfix [07/23/2020]

Same issue here, also the Eridium guns secondairy fire isn’t giving me any legendaries. Problems occur on PS4 pro.

Trophies still not working.

I just need master of survey to drop and then the platinum.

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The game has had various stability issues from release. Cryo Zane, specifically, has had more than most others.

You want to tone down the modifiers? That’s a design thing, not a performance thing. You don’t know what has the greater impact behind the scenes.

Having played with a good bunch of modifiers, I also feel like you’re overstating their visual impact. But eh, nothing against Gearbox cleaning up visual effects. I just feel you’re railing against performance improvements because of what they’re targeting, which is silly.


This is a really nice patch, but I wanted to play with it a bit before offering feedback.

The balancing seems good. I was enjoying melting faces on Moze, but I get things have to be working as intended before the team can fine tune the numbers with anything resembling precision.

The boost to vending machines is nifty.
Now, the first impulse might be to tone it back a bit now that we’re seeing pics of people celebrating 6+ legendaries per machine. But, it’s important to look at WHY people like that…

Drop rates
Dedicated drops are still, well, not great. If I want a particular piece of gear, with a particular annointment or stats, it could take hours or days under normal circumstances. Knowing a boss is supposed to drop it doesn’t necessarily mean they will.
IMO, the drop rates for World Drops and Dedicated Drops should be swapped. I’d much rather get 1 drop of gear that I’m looking for, than 10 pieces that I’m not even gonna bother picking up to sell; especially since I’m still gonna need it to drop 15 times until I get the elements/parts/annointments I need.

But yeah, overall, good patch!

P.S. a few quick requests:

  • Make the Death modifier easier to see, and maybe consider adding a proximity sound?
  • If we can reroll Mayhem modifiers as much as we want, why not let us just pick?
    Thanks again!

Did this adjustment actually fix this issue or are those anointments still dropping?

@noelle_gbx Please pass this along to the devs: Several of FL4K’s pets have had their attack command damage decreased by 40% or more. This change was not listed in the hotfix notes, these attacks were fairly weak prior to the patch so I can’t imagine any reason they would have intentionally been nerfed so heavy handed like this. Please confirm whether this was intended or not.


They really need to do something with the dedicated drop and anoint , farming for a specific gear it’s nearly impossible for the " veteran gamer " otherwise the game is fine for players who don’t want to be " perfect " , if i want a Snowdrift Victory Rush with Bonus fire damage / Mag / Action skill cooldown , good luck … I don’t know , we can have a loot machine , something at the end of Trials or Takedown to reroll weapons/Artefact rolls with eridium or even Money , or make dedicated drop 100% at M10 , and one last thing i want the anoint to be less powerfull and the weapons more powerfull i feel like the game is ( a gun with bad anoint is a bad gun )


@Noelle_GBX I don’t know what was done to loot drops in the DLC but I’m now getting WAY fewer drops from named mobs. This patch was supposed to improve drops, not make them worse. I haven’t done any farming yet in the main game, but I’ve done quite a bit in DLC 2 & 3 and the drop numbers are way down. Lasodactyl routinely dropped 4-5 legendaries per kill pre-patch. After the patch, I’m lucky if he drops 2 and quite often he doesn’t drop anything.

DLC 3 was great pre-patch, minus the bad anointments that were removed. I could farm anywhere and get any of the DLC 3 weapons. Named and bosses dropped a good number of legendaries. Now they’re barely dropping anything. This is all while playing on M10.

I just did 5 kills of Lasodactyl on M10. I got 4 legendaries TOTAL! That’s ridiculous, especially considering how long it takes to load this game now on console (I just timed it and it took 50 seconds for the game to load on my Xbox One X). This needs to be reverted back to the drop rates pre-patch.

It looks like this isn’t just DLC areas. I killed Traunt 10 times and never got more than 2 legendaries, with 0 dedicated drops. This is terrible.


Can confirm. I killed Minosaur roughly 20 times today on M10 and most runs got no legendaries. Out of all runs, zero Flippers dropped.

Close to the same results on Lasodactyl. One lightshow, a small handful of other legendaries.

Agonizer 9000 drops mostly cosmetics and little of anything else.


I wonder if in order to address the extra projectiles issue it would make sense to now go back to certain weapons like the Seventh Sense and naturally increase the number of extra projectiles it creates to, say, four while not having extra elements effect it as they did previously. Four projectiles would be a good level of power and similar in to what it could do previously. In that way, the weapons would retain their previous power and popularity while no game-breaking mechanics are introduced. They would, however, have to look at each of the weapons individually to ensure satisfying play.


@Noelle_GBX I know GB has caught some grief for some of its previous patches and decisions, but the last two patches have truly improved the game play. Moze/IB now have viable build options. More weapons are usable at M10. Prior to these patches no way I would use an ASA anoint with Moze. Now it is very much a usable build, even for the Takedowns at M10. Not easy, but doable. So thanks to GB for these, in my opinion, huge improvements to the game.


Alright so I have a concern, I think this update broke amara to the point she can hit damage cap because of all her double dipping, revelation and do harm getting it’s scaling back. For the sake of build diversity it should be toned down alot because at the moment it is even killing true takedown bosses in literal seconds. Please look into getting her more balanced and thank you for your time.


Hi. I’m a voluntary forum moderator. I’m not a Gearbox employee, just a forum user who was asked to help keep this place friendly. Devs do read this forum themselves, though.


@Noelle_GBX seems that bloodshine is not respawning, but tumorhead is.

I fail to understand how GB says the extra projectiles were a bug, not a feature, but then released weapons in later content that were only powerful because of those added projectiles.


@RancidLunchmeat, don’t start injecting common sense into this! :slight_smile:


What weapons?

“Way overpowered?” So basically you could just use the OPQ for the entire Guardian Takedown and 1-shot everything, breezing through the Takedown on M10?

There haven’t been any buffed weapons, post-patch. Each patch has been a nerf of groups of weapons. Amazingly, I think GBX has gotten them all. I assume they will begin researching and targeting other parts of the game to nerf for future patches.

OPQ was way overpowered with the clone. You could literally stand there while the clone demolishes everything.
There are videos of people just switching back and forth with the clone barely shooting while the clone kills everything in Guardian Takedown in M10.

I am not advocating that the clone get nerfed but that interaction with the clone was way too strong and its good that they fixed the double dipping.