Borderlands 3 - Patch and Hotfix [07/23/2020]

Can we buy these at-level every time we go up in level? Or are these one-time purchases from the machine?


What’s going on with the other anointments that need to be purged?
Like the Fl4k “Bonus movement speed after using Attack Command” that shields carry, pointless.
I would say the Fade Away (accuracy/handling) can also be scrapped if the base game version is being scrapped.

Ideally, I’d like them changed/buffed, but eliminating them would also work. The Rakk attack +Crit anointment could use a buff as well to compete with other more damaging/useful anointments. +100% would be cool.

Are more Fl4k fixes coming? There’s sooooooooooooo much that needs fixin’ and I don’t see not even 10% of it on these notes. Thank You.


Still no mention of the issue that shuts down Xbox consoles.


i’m guessing these will just randomly roll based on quests you’ve already completed and likely update ever 20 minutes same as other vending machines.


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RIP Projectile Recursion?

Thanks for answering. Is it a possibility for the future or never going to happen? I’d really like to get more pearls.

@Noelle_GBX This is by far the best news I seen. It may get me finally back to play and farm.

Question. Is Amara radiation anointed fix? It dealing low damage % mention by a lot and is Moze 160% splash damage anointed suppose to be weaker than universal splash damage which is 200%? Moze one should be superior in power than the universal anointed


Sorry but this reads as ‘we couldn’t code our game so it worked with the gear we made for it’. So many things in this game ricochet/reflect/respawn etc. And it TANKS performance. Not even mentioning mayhem modifiers that do the same thing.


^ this. I remember having to grind through BL2 again and again to get mission awards (to get the correct version of a sandhawk, etc.) and want to be sure how this system works. I haven’t done most side missions in BL3 so I can ensure I get the correct endgame version of the mission reward.

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This. Is. ■■■■■■■ GREAT.

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I think that is a matter of duration. The universal anoint last 8 seconds. Moze’s anoint last 16 seconds. The shorter duration should be stronger.

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Could you tell us which COMs are affected?


Yeah that’s super vague and I’m not even sure what they are referring to


@Noelle_GBX what are the chances that we’ll get more bank space next patch? I’m at 400/400 and I’m beginning to panic every time I find a good piece of gear.

Also, if it’s not too much to ask can the Team PLEASE look at the Atlas “Linc” pistol and fix whatever it is that’s causing it to not be anointed? I know it’s probably a bad gun anyways but I’m invested in this issue by this time. The Anointed Alpha at the Anvil map drops it. Thank You.

P.S Yes, I have submitted support tickets for the issue.


Actually amazing. That fixed a LOT of issues. Now all you need to do is fix the power creep issue that this game has. The difference between vanilla/dlc 1 weapons and dlc3/m6 weapons is INSANE.

Takedowns also need to drop the absolute best loot in the game. Trials also need massive buffs to loots pools. Tone down word drops down as well now that we have finally have vending machine farming/thinned our loot pools.

FL4K probably needs some buffs too. Particularly all of their regen skills need massive buffs along with an overhaul to their pets AI.


@Noelle_GBX how exactly has the performance of the Recursion been changed with this patch? If for example I used a Recursion and was having 3 elements active at a time with Anointments, I was creating 3 pellets per shot if enemies were near enough each other. How would this work now?

Also, Rage and Recover was adjusted, but just the pets? It was healing Fl4k themselves for just a third of what it’s supposed to heal. Or is that just a typo (the Patchnote entry I mean)?

Other than that I love this patch. I’m sorry to hear that the community did not like the sliding/airborne playstyle. It’s always unfun to see your ideas die.


Okay, now it just seems that you want to complain nomatter what.

Performance is not something that you just “code” for. If something is badly affecting performance, and they’ve tried a bunch of other things (which they have, repeatedly, through many patches), then scaling it back is a valid way of improving performance.

They’ve said they’re going to be keeping an eye on the weapons in case they come out worse, what more do you want here? Do you want better performance, or do you not? “code it better” is not a decent answer.


" * Made improvements to the News Widget UI"
FINALLY the news widget is fixed! Um, what?

Other than that, all looks grand. I do like the Fabricator being able to spew legendaries, finally a somewhat good use for eridium particularly.

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A lot of builds are going into the crapper today…